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Arthur Abraham Defies Lord Jamar

June 21, 2008

Fix your broken jaw now it’s time to retire

Fuck Lord Jamar, I ain’t goin out!

Arthur Abraham makes Tiger Woods look like a damn sissy. Golf? What? Golf? Are you serious? Dude got his jaw busted and still fought till the end. Sure, he got a little help from the ref but that is besides the point.  He was spitting blood, swallowing blood, and not giving a fuck. Despite getting his shit busted by Edison Miranda, he was able to get the decision. Will Abraham get his face rearranged again in the rematch?

At the press conference, Abraham stated, ““My eyes say more than his words. I wouldn’t need to say anything. I’m not interested in talking to him or hearing what he has to say.”

Miranda responded in true  trash talk gutter supreme fashion, “Of course he doesn’t have anything to say. I destroyed his mouth….what has surprised me about him is that he is an idiot. Didn’t you see how nervous he was up there? He was talking like a little girl. He knows I destroyed him. His trainers lied to him. His trainers don’t care about him otherwise they wouldn’t have brought him here. I care more about him than his trainers do.”

Destroyed his mouth! That is what I am talking about!

They face off again in the rematch tonight on Showtime. Time 4 Sum Aksion! Someone please tell Miranda to come out to Brand Nubian!


Suckas Need Bodyguards

June 18, 2008

Damn, Raiders’ receiver Javon Walker could have listened to Gang Starr and saved himself a world of trouble. Guru was talking about fake MC’s, Javon! Not multimillionaire receivers who get injured yet still receive deals worth 55 million dollars. Feel feel to drop some of that not-so-hard earned cash on a couple dudes to watch your back. Hell, I thought you woulda stayed the hell away from clubs after your boy got murdered. Guess not.

Javon is pictured above spraying a crowd in Vegas with champagne just so they know for sure that he has millions and is prob a good target for a robbery. Why not just hang a sign on your back? I got mad jewels, mad cash, and will not utilize my ability to run really, really fast when placed in a dangerous situation. Perhaps next time Javon will roll with a posse so he doesn’t get his face turned into hamburger meat.

Money Doesn’t Matter? Tell That To Evander!

June 6, 2008

Floyd retired

“But there comes a time when money doesn’t matter. I just can’t do it anymore. I have found a peace with my decision that I have not felt in a long time.

What? Money doesn’t matter? Part of me believes Floyd, because he just retired when he had a fight around the corner with Oscar De La Hoya that he would have won easily. $20 million dollars for a few knicks and bumps? To quote Clay Davis- “Sheeeeeeeeeeeiittttttttttt!”

I am not mad at all about Mayweather’s decision because it clears the way for Cotto. Mayweather was never going to face Cotto, because he would have been required to face a real challenge. Oscar and another rematch with Hatton aren’t true challenges. They are easy money. I am into rematches, but who wants to see a rerun?

I wouldn’t be shocked if this retirement doesn’t last. When Cotto is getting all the attention, people are questioning Floyd’s decision to duck quality fighters in the welterweight division, the wrestling and endorsement deals dry up because nobody cares about a retired fighter, and 50 Cent is off touring you will see Floyd again.

Pavlik VS Taylor II: What Does It Mean?

February 16, 2008


Pavlik VS Taylor II is a fight that will let boxing know if they actually have a face they can market. A non heavyweight face, at that. A white face, to boot. Coincidence? No, not really. Pavlik is a white, blue-collar guy from Youngstown, Ohio that will cement his place at the top of boxing with another victory over Taylor. Sure, this fight is not for a belt, which only makes me wonder how hungry Taylor truly is if he doesn’t want to take something tangible out of the ring with him. If I got my ass slumped in the corner like that you better believe I am taking my shit back next time.

While a loss for Taylor would be devastating, there is nothing really at stake for Pavlik in this fight. Even if he loses, people will still be hungry to watch him. However, with a win he can pass go, collect two hundred dollars and be the new white face of boxing. Boxing fans have been dying for it: a non-European white champ.

Race in boxing has recently become a very hot issue. This isn’t just some shit where white America is hating on Barry Bonds because he’s black but trusting every word that comes out of Roger Clemens’ mouth. Race has gone from the back of people’s minds to right out of the fighter’s mouths. When Bernard Hopkins recently told Calzaghe that he would “never a let a white boy” beat him, it wasn’t a shock that it flew under the radar. (Funny, since it used to be white fighters that said it right before they got knocked out. Will the same happen to BHop?) Don’t underestimate white America’s sensitivity, but also don’t underestimate their apathy towards events that don’t affect Americans. Had Hopkins made those same statements to an American white fighter with the same profile as Calzaghe, there would have been a huge backlash.

Anyway, race plays no part in my decision about who I believe will win the fight. I am going to go with Pavlik, as I feel he has the strength and conditioning to repeat what he did in the first match up. He will not pull any macho theatrics and leave his chin out for Taylor to smash. Taylor will appear sharp in the early rounds, but will become worn down as the fight goes on.

Winner- Pavlik by stoppage Round 9

It All Falls Down

February 12, 2008


First it was just accusations and inflated domes. Now we have bloody needles, legacies in doubt, and mad snitchin’. Even poor Chuckie Knoblauch was on the run. Can this shit get any better? Now it turns out that Pettitte let those gums flap in front of Congress . Could it be true that Roger took steroids? Nooooooooooo! I never would have believed that.

VIA AP NEWS: WASHINGTON — Roger Clemens told Yankees teammate Andy Pettitte nearly 10 years ago that he used human growth hormone, Pettitte said in a sworn affidavit to Congress, the Associated Press learned Tuesday.

There may not be crying in baseball but there sure as hell is snitchin’. When Congress has that choke hold on you and the darkness starts to fall, you best believe you are gonna say what those dudes want to hear.

P: Clemens.

C: I didn’t hear you, Pettitte. What did you say?

P: I said…. Clemens.

C: YOU said Clemens did what?

P: I said Clemens told me he used HGH and asked me to shoot it in his ass.

C: Hahahahaa, repeat that last part.

P: I hate you Congress. Leave a man with his dignity.

Honestly, let us just chalk MLB up as a total loss and give up. The shit is done. Dead. No record can be taken seriously, the league is diluted, and there is no parity.

What hurts the most is that we can’t even get some honesty. These dudes don’t even respect our intelligence, which is why I can’t respect them or baseball. Be honest, yo. I know you took the shit, just say it. Let’s move on. Instead, everyone wants to act like they just swallow any tablet some average Joe shoves in front of them while rubbing mystery cream on their legs. Sure.

20/20Proof Podcast Episode 11- The Peter Gammons Ep Pt. 2

February 3, 2008


We continue with the 2nd part of our baseball themed hip-hop podcast. We talk (a whole bunch) about steroid use in baseball, Roger Clemens, and awful free agent signings. Not to mention our favorite baseball references in hip-hop, books, and film.

Ultramagnetic MC’s- Two Brothers With Checks
3rd Bass- 3 Strikes To 5000
De La Soul- Fanatic Of The B Word
RA The Rugged Man- Betcha Life
Main Source- Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball (Remix)
Souls of Mischief- Batting Practice



20/20Proof Podcast Episode 10- The Peter Gammons Ep Pt. 1

January 24, 2008


We rock the first part of a two part concept episode focusing on baseball and hip-hop. Listen to us discuss the whiteness of the Pittsburgh Pirates, MLB’s choice of Bone Thugs N Harmony to record a track to honor Negro League players, Nate Dogg’s post stroke singing abilities, steroids in baseball and music, the mass appeal of Peter Gammons, and our love (no Ennis Del Mar) for Harold Reynolds.

Roberto Clemente’s 3000 Hit Call
Ultramagnetic MC’s- Saga Of Dandy, The Devil & Day
Natural Resource- Negro League Baseball
Camp Lo-Negro League
Kanye West-Barry Bonds
Crooklyn Dodgers-Crooklyn
Mic Geronimo-The Natural