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Thank Goodness For Ashley Dupre

May 27, 2008

Slick Rick ain’t going nowhere. New York Governor David Paterson recently pardoned Rick because he is apparently a wise, wise man.

“Mr. Walters has fully served the sentence imposed upon him for his convictions, had an exemplary disciplinary record while in prison and on parole, and has been living without incident in the community for more than 10 years,” said Paterson.

You’re blind, baby. You’re blind from the facts…not!

Despite the system’s best attempts to kick Rick out of the country and make his life a living hell, they did not come out victorious. All I have to say is thank you Ashley Dupre.

Yes, Ashley Dupre. You know, the prostitute who slept (cuz she got paid) with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.

Thanks to Eliot Spitzer love of whores and his inability to keep it on the DL he resigned from office and was replaced as Governor by Paterson. What a beautiful chain of events! Slick Rick had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a pardon from the closet (not so much anymore) freak Spitzer. Rick might want to get a drop or two from Dupre and Spitzer on his next album. At least give a shout out on the liner notes.

What is truly wonderful about this situation is that a man who is doing positive things in our country is allowed to stay here. He served his time, his life since his incarceration is the definition of rehabilitation and he has not demonstrated that he is a danger to society. Kudos to Paterson for doing the right thing.


Nas Lets Us Know Who Is In Control

May 19, 2008

Nas told that he has changed the name of his album. Yes, the album previously known to white people as “the album with the ummm you know ummmm you know ummm the one Nas wanted to be umm controversial”. There is a reason dude did not respond to NYOIL. I could really care less about the album title changing or the album, for that matter. Title or no title, I don’t think any Premo or PR beats will be on it.

I do find the deletion of the title (not really a change, is it?) as a clear sign that Nas has no spine. How can you say you are an artist and let someone else dictate your intent or your message? You don’t. Unless of course you are someone who is more focused on the dead presidents lining your pockets than your vision. Telling those in power to fuck off should be easier when you have a bit of financial security. This isn’t someone who is worried about getting their foot in the door. This is an MC who created what many consider to be the greatest album of the genre and he’s still taking orders from another man. Ain’t that a damn shame.

“It’s important to me that this album gets to the fans,” Nas told in a statement. “It’s been a long time coming. I want my fans to know that creatively and lyrically, they can expect the same content and the same messages. It’s that important. The streets have been waiting for this for a long time. The people will always know what the real title of this album is and what to call it.”

Why not just call the album what Nas’ actions are- cowardly.

8 Years In Prison<Crucifixion

May 15, 2008

Poor Remy Ma got sentenced to 8 years a couple days ago. Then she got teary eyed about it. She stated that she was  “surrounded by poverty and drugs and violence and failure.” Cry me a river, yo.  Even if the victim was out for money, the bullet  “pierced Barnes-Joseph’s colon and hit her rectum.” That shit sounds like a fuckin’ Kool Keith rhyme! Shoot bullets at your rectum. Anyone who takes a bullet in the gut which travels to their rectum deserves at least a couple dollars thrown their way.

BTW, did anyone throw the judge a copy of the Shesus Khrist mixtape? Tip for rappers: don’t compare your suffering to Christ’s if you ain’t willing to do a measly 8 years. Man up, yo. If only the judge had seen the mixtape cover: Remy, these 8 years will be a walk in the park compared to a crucifixion.

Remy had earlier told Kay Slay that there was a “”whole conspiracy against rappers right now.” Funny, because I only can think of one rapper who shot their friend and got sentenced to 8 years. Someone should have told Remy about the Prodigy handgun strategy: carry your gun, talk about your gun, but never fire your gun. Saved him 5 years.

Rock Is The Ultimate Optimist

January 27, 2008


“I ain’t been talked about this much in hip-hop since [Heltah Skeltah’s debut] Nocturnal.”

How does one find anything positive in an attempted murder charge? A couple thousand extra records sold<imprisonment. Supposedly Rock let loose some hot lead into a pimp, which he dismisses as a minor misunderstanding.

“It’s just a motherfucker talking some shit basically and that’s the bottom line,” Rock told SOHH.

I love Rock and he has one of the dopest voices in the hip-hop game, but damnnnn. Who gets shot in the neck and talks some shit? The only evidence that got him arrested was dude’s word? If homeboy’s intention was to extort a rapper, he obviously picked the wrong one. Even Rock admits he hasn’t been talked about since 1996. It may be in Rock’s interest to make no further statements. Innocent until proven guilty, but it’s still wise not to give statements that may hand someone a brush which could be used to paint you as someone who sees the positive in shootings and attempted murder charges. Just a thought.

20/20Proof Podcast Episode 10- The Peter Gammons Ep Pt. 1

January 24, 2008


We rock the first part of a two part concept episode focusing on baseball and hip-hop. Listen to us discuss the whiteness of the Pittsburgh Pirates, MLB’s choice of Bone Thugs N Harmony to record a track to honor Negro League players, Nate Dogg’s post stroke singing abilities, steroids in baseball and music, the mass appeal of Peter Gammons, and our love (no Ennis Del Mar) for Harold Reynolds.

Roberto Clemente’s 3000 Hit Call
Ultramagnetic MC’s- Saga Of Dandy, The Devil & Day
Natural Resource- Negro League Baseball
Camp Lo-Negro League
Kanye West-Barry Bonds
Crooklyn Dodgers-Crooklyn
Mic Geronimo-The Natural



Benzino 12 Months Late On Horse Payments

January 10, 2008


First Weezy, now Benzino. Seems Zino opened his mouth before peepin’ My Name Is Earl. Recently, Benzino gave an interview in which he dissed Elliot Wilson of XXL and had a few things to say about his recent firing as editor in chief of the magazine:


“Karma is a muthafucka!!!…The little bitch should have been let go years ago if you ask me… When I heard about this I thought it was beautiful…He (Elliot Wilson) doesn’t represent Hip Hop or the culture anyway. XXL and all the editors over there are just a copy cat of The Source and now them, Source and Vibe are feeling the fucking pinch….Now Yellow Nigga can go get a job sucking fucking Jimmy Iovine since that’s what he was doing anyway…G Unit is over and so is Elliot. If I see him in the streets I’ma put a foot in his ass.. I’ma do that for Hip Hop…”

Seems karma is a muthafucka, as word has been spreading in the streets and horse farms about Benzino’s financial problems. If you happen to recall a past article, Benzino discussed riding back into the Source offices on a horse. Unfortunately for him, horse trainer David Mucci recently stated the great Benzino has fallen behind on maintanence costs for his horse, Butternuts. Numerous attempts by Mucci to get in contact with Zino through phone and his Hip Hop Weekly email addy to provide for his Butternuts have gone unanswered.


Quite shocking considering Benzino’s well documented horse-love. Read the excerpts below and try and argue that Benzino is not the ultimate horse lover: Cool.

Benzino: Those cheap mother fuckers [former Source employees]. They always been clowns from day one, man. They always been guys that never could be accepted so like this is like their revenge right here. Watching me and Dave in the newspaper getting ousted in The Source.But, guess what, I’m coming back, yo. I’m coming back and I might come back on a fucking horse. Yeah, I hear you, so you think, you are in the process of getting The Source back or trying to get it back or —

Benzino: I’m coming back in on a fucking horse. Let me tell you something. I got lawyers so good that Jeff and Jeremy will be doing magazines in Alaska. Okay, okay. Well, that’s about it. Anything else or is that about it?

Benzino: Benzino the Great. I’m coming in a fucking horse. If by chance, you and Dave are not able to gain control of The Source what will you do?

Benzino: Son, you’re not listening to me. You’re not listening to me, man. I’m coming back on a fucking horse, man.

I thought Benzino was coming to pick me up?

EPMD=Life Pt. 1

July 22, 2007


Bernard Hopkins, “the original boxing criminal” gave Winky’s ass the “headbanger” last night. Bernard needs to keep fighting just so he can roll out to the ultimate posse cut.


That little kid from Home Improvement married a chick twice his age back in the day and got got. Did he not listen to Erick and Parrish drop knowledge in the form of “Gold Digger”? This is what happens when you shelter your children and deny them hip-hop. They don’t learn about the danger of greedy, old bitches and the importance of the prenup.