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Skills sets, baby! Skill sets!

November 6, 2009


Do I listen to Jay-Z? Nahhh. Well, I did listen to him on Mike & Mike’s ESPN show the other day on my way to work. I have to admit that Jay-Z gets on my fucking nerves.  Do I listen to Beanie Sigel? Nope, can’t say I do.Do I find the beef and Jay-Z’s response amusing? Hell yes!

If you look at this situation based on what has come out so far in a rational way, you shouldn’t support anyone in this matter. Beanie Sigel is crying about the fact his old friend boss didn’t love him while he was locked up and didn’t let him out of his deal. Hmmmmmm. I guess  Sigel apparently never learned the lesson that when it comes to the power structure all races,colors, and creeds show allegiance to the almighty dollar. Black is green. White is green. Fuck even your Indian homie that you thought wouldn’t betray you could give a damn about you once they are in that power position.

Jay-Z was recently asked a question regarding Sigel’s complaints and made himself sound like a complete idiot. He discussed giving Sigel various things-cars,money, a record label, and a clothing line. Jay-Z let you know that Sigel had the world in his palm thanks to him and that he doesn’t know why he has any reason to be upset. Sigel denies this, and says he earned everything that came his way.

Let’s ignore that and go with Jay-Z’s account of things-he gave Sigel the world and what else could he do? How about not giving him those things? Check the name of the post. Not everyone can be a Jay-Z. Not everyone can display talent in various endeavors and be a successful businessman/rapper. Not everyone who can flip that burger can run the cash register, and not everyone who can do the office’s dirty work can manage the office. Does Sigel come across as one who could manage much of anything?

Most rappers shouldn’t even try. So Beanie Sigel had a clothing line? Like he owned it? Ran it? What qualifications did Sigel have that made Jay-Z think that once given a clothing line he would do anything with it but fail? What made Jay-Z think that a guy like Sigel who was once so fucking whacked out on cough syrup he had the RZA eyes (yes,both!) should have a record label? What background did Sigel have that made Jay think he could do anything with a label? What training/education/mentoring did he receive? Just because somebody can rap doesn’t mean they can do anything else.

It all boils down to skills sets, baby. Stick to what you know and what you excel at. It isn’t shocking that Sigel’s abilities in one area didn’t translate to success in any other areas that required him to do more than hold a microphone.  Unfortunately, from how Jay-Z explains it, he failed as a manager and was unable to recognize what kind of talent those were underneath him were working with.


Arthur Abraham Defies Lord Jamar

June 21, 2008

Fix your broken jaw now it’s time to retire

Fuck Lord Jamar, I ain’t goin out!

Arthur Abraham makes Tiger Woods look like a damn sissy. Golf? What? Golf? Are you serious? Dude got his jaw busted and still fought till the end. Sure, he got a little help from the ref but that is besides the point.  He was spitting blood, swallowing blood, and not giving a fuck. Despite getting his shit busted by Edison Miranda, he was able to get the decision. Will Abraham get his face rearranged again in the rematch?

At the press conference, Abraham stated, ““My eyes say more than his words. I wouldn’t need to say anything. I’m not interested in talking to him or hearing what he has to say.”

Miranda responded in true  trash talk gutter supreme fashion, “Of course he doesn’t have anything to say. I destroyed his mouth….what has surprised me about him is that he is an idiot. Didn’t you see how nervous he was up there? He was talking like a little girl. He knows I destroyed him. His trainers lied to him. His trainers don’t care about him otherwise they wouldn’t have brought him here. I care more about him than his trainers do.”

Destroyed his mouth! That is what I am talking about!

They face off again in the rematch tonight on Showtime. Time 4 Sum Aksion! Someone please tell Miranda to come out to Brand Nubian!

Suckas Need Bodyguards

June 18, 2008

Damn, Raiders’ receiver Javon Walker could have listened to Gang Starr and saved himself a world of trouble. Guru was talking about fake MC’s, Javon! Not multimillionaire receivers who get injured yet still receive deals worth 55 million dollars. Feel feel to drop some of that not-so-hard earned cash on a couple dudes to watch your back. Hell, I thought you woulda stayed the hell away from clubs after your boy got murdered. Guess not.

Javon is pictured above spraying a crowd in Vegas with champagne just so they know for sure that he has millions and is prob a good target for a robbery. Why not just hang a sign on your back? I got mad jewels, mad cash, and will not utilize my ability to run really, really fast when placed in a dangerous situation. Perhaps next time Javon will roll with a posse so he doesn’t get his face turned into hamburger meat.

20/20Proof Podcast Episode 13

March 26, 2008


For the 13th episode we delve into a theme loved by all- beef.

Westside Connection- Westside Slaughterhouse
Common-The Bitch In Yoo
Cypress Hill- No Rest For The Wicked
Westside Connection- King Of The Hill
Kam & DJ Pooh- Whoop Whoop
Ice Cube-No Vaseline
MF Doom- Deep Fried Frenz & El Chupa Nibre
MF Grimm-The Book Of Daniel
Canibus-2nd Round KO
LL Cool J-The Ripper Strikes Back
Wyclef- What’s Clef Got To Do With It
LL Cool J- Rasta Imposta



Tom Breihan Crams to Understand the Clipse

February 11, 2008


Funniest moment of the month comes from Tom Breihan of the Village Voice

Every line on their new mixtape, (deep breath) We Got It 4 Cheap, Volume 3: The Spirit of Competition (We Just Think We Better), is a product of intense work. Lyrically, this thing is so dense it’s almost exhausting, and I’m going to need a while to fully process the whole thing; even on my sixth or so listen, half the stuff on the later tracks still sails over my head. But that magic face-squinch moment happens over and over again.

What the fuck is this shit? The Clipse is going over your head? How so? Oh, your status ain’t hood. Gotcha.

Titles thrown out before they settled on We Got It For Cheap:

We Got Brain Teasers For Cheap
Scales & Puzzles
Are You Confused Yet?
Cocaine Lyrics R Dense
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
Da Mathlete Gang
We Got Dat Calculus
Rocket Science? We Got Rocket Science 4 Cheap
We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Calculators
We Hate Obsequious Journalists and Tree Huggin Ass Bitches

The mixtape is quality shit, I admit that. My own review will follow later. Lyrics are clever (I was able to understand them) , beats are tight. And I got through the whole thing with no weird faces!

How Many Public Enemy Records Does Kanye Own?

February 11, 2008


“It feels good to be home here at the Grammys.”

Will someone Zednick this fool?

That motherfucker owns none! Nada! Zilch! Zero! You know his mama kept him away from that shit. First time he saw Chuck D was on CNN two years ago. Shit, Ye didn’t even know who Flava Flav was until he came across VH1 trying to find a promo spot with his face in it.

Anyway, I can’t take it anymore. Where is a sniper when you need one? Kanye West, you are not hip-hop. Hip-hop does not need validation from the Grammys. Can Kanye be permanently banned from all hip-hop albums other than his own and be sentenced to some sort of limbo where he can only work with shitty pop artists that suburban teens and 30something yuppies listen to? The fact Kanye is so fixated on such an award shows how out of touch he is. His ego is so large that he has to win awards that don’t matter to anyone who listens to hip-hop. Is that not the genre that he is creating? Well, I know it isn’t, but come on. What the fuck is a Grammy? When is the last time you went out and bought a hip-hop record because it won a Grammy? Thought so. You don’t make it hard to figure out why KRS puts his endorsement behind 50.

What I want to know is when will the real backlash begin? Sure, there are folks like me who think Kanye is a piece of shit, but it seems like too many are just on the fence. There are only two sides. How many rappers do ya think secretly hate Kanye but are too bitch to diss him on record?. I can barely respect Common anymore. His Piven/West love is almost too much to overcome. “The Bitch In Yoo”, for sure. If you take a real look at Kanye’s whole persona and music, he is really just MC Hammer with better punchlines. And instead of real baggie clothes, he has real tight clothes. Shit, MC Hammer was never this annoying. You always knew where he stood. He sucked, and you knew it. Not to mention he helped out a shit load of people, which resulted in him going broke. Who has Kanye put on?

Kanye is pop. Hence the mass appeal, I get it. His rapping also sucks the big one, which makes it easier for retards to digest. But what I don’t really get is this belief that he is in some way different or unique. Hell, Daft Punk ain’t exactly new. The choice to sample them was simply a poor one. Like I said before, these ‘mo rappers like the wrong white people. He did a mama tribute at the Grammys! No better way to grieve and express your feelings than in front of a Grammy audience! He did use extended metaphor on “Homecoming.” Have I heard that before? Well, not with a British guy doing the hook about an American city. That screamed authenticity. Ye may have the money to sample a bunch of shit, to get big names, and to dress up his product pig in nice art lipstick. Unfortunately, he does not have the money to fool me. Eventually, the shit shall crumble.

Q: What’s Beef? A: The King Of Kong

February 6, 2008


The King of Kong just came out on DVD and gets an easy thumbs up/ must buy stamp. The documentary examines the quest of Steve Wiebe, an extremely kind and talented high school teacher who consistently comes up short in everything he attempts to accomplish. Homie’s life is one big letdown. Wiebe’s sets his mind on trying to take down Billy Mitchell‘s high score in King Kong, which has stood for mad years. Mitchell is the ultimate gamer, a holder of a perfect game in Pac Man, and the face of Twin Galaxies. He is also a major asshole.


When Wiebe accomplishes his goal of setting the King Kong record by playing in his garage, it sets in motion a chain of events that is beyond bizarre. Scores are questioned, dudes run up in his house, and Billy Mitchell talks trash despite ducking a live showdown with Wiebe. At the same time, Wiebe puts his pursuit of a video game record in front of everything else in his life. Peep his kid daughter checkin’ him on a trip to break the record in an attempt to get his name in Guinness.

The King Of Kong actually doesn’t depict a beef, because you really need two participants. Mitchell plays 2pac to Wiebe’s Biggie. Despite being dogged and treated like an outcast, Wiebe never gives a real response or freaks out. He just keeps going about his business. Mitchell’s personality on the other hand makes me think of KRS One , as even a challenge to his throne seems to draw his ire. Just as KRS-One believes he is hip-hop, Billy Mitchell believes he is gaming. That shit is not very endearing to say the least. Eventually, Wiebe’s focus and honesty actually make a believer and ally out of Mitchell’s long time best friend, much to Billy’s chagrin. Watching him discuss Wiebe in glowing terms in front of Mitchell is another amazing moment from the film.

The DVD features a couple commentaries, bonus scenes and extended interviews. Sure, you may be thinking that watching two nerds battle it out over something as silly as a video game which can’t be played on your PS3 is a waste of your time, but you are wrong. This is a David and Goliath tale, and is something for the people who feel they have come up short in life at one time or another. If this film doesn’t find a way into your top 10 list of 07, please let me know what is on your list.