Skills sets, baby! Skill sets!


Do I listen to Jay-Z? Nahhh. Well, I did listen to him on Mike & Mike’s ESPN show the other day on my way to work. I have to admit that Jay-Z gets on my fucking nerves.  Do I listen to Beanie Sigel? Nope, can’t say I do.Do I find the beef and Jay-Z’s response amusing? Hell yes!

If you look at this situation based on what has come out so far in a rational way, you shouldn’t support anyone in this matter. Beanie Sigel is crying about the fact his old friend boss didn’t love him while he was locked up and didn’t let him out of his deal. Hmmmmmm. I guess  Sigel apparently never learned the lesson that when it comes to the power structure all races,colors, and creeds show allegiance to the almighty dollar. Black is green. White is green. Fuck even your Indian homie that you thought wouldn’t betray you could give a damn about you once they are in that power position.

Jay-Z was recently asked a question regarding Sigel’s complaints and made himself sound like a complete idiot. He discussed giving Sigel various things-cars,money, a record label, and a clothing line. Jay-Z let you know that Sigel had the world in his palm thanks to him and that he doesn’t know why he has any reason to be upset. Sigel denies this, and says he earned everything that came his way.

Let’s ignore that and go with Jay-Z’s account of things-he gave Sigel the world and what else could he do? How about not giving him those things? Check the name of the post. Not everyone can be a Jay-Z. Not everyone can display talent in various endeavors and be a successful businessman/rapper. Not everyone who can flip that burger can run the cash register, and not everyone who can do the office’s dirty work can manage the office. Does Sigel come across as one who could manage much of anything?

Most rappers shouldn’t even try. So Beanie Sigel had a clothing line? Like he owned it? Ran it? What qualifications did Sigel have that made Jay-Z think that once given a clothing line he would do anything with it but fail? What made Jay-Z think that a guy like Sigel who was once so fucking whacked out on cough syrup he had the RZA eyes (yes,both!) should have a record label? What background did Sigel have that made Jay think he could do anything with a label? What training/education/mentoring did he receive? Just because somebody can rap doesn’t mean they can do anything else.

It all boils down to skills sets, baby. Stick to what you know and what you excel at. It isn’t shocking that Sigel’s abilities in one area didn’t translate to success in any other areas that required him to do more than hold a microphone.  Unfortunately, from how Jay-Z explains it, he failed as a manager and was unable to recognize what kind of talent those were underneath him were working with.


20 Responses to “Skills sets, baby! Skill sets!”

  1. Hashim Warren Says:

    skill sets? The only skill Beanie needed was the ability to cleverly name drop his clothing line, record label, and movie in his songs

  2. 2020proof Says:

    Floyd Mayweather is an extremely talented boxer makes millions and drops the name of his record label all the time. I don’t even think he has anyone signed on it. Repeating the name of your various holdings doesn’t keep them afloat it just lets people know they exist.

  3. Jef Says:

    The wordpress generated “related post” is about a movie starring a bunch of old people trying to assassinate each other. Ha.

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