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LOST IN SPACE! 20/20Proof Podcast Episode 20

October 1, 2008

This episode is old as fuck. Not as in too old for this earth, just olllld. Notice how there was a large gap between 19 and 20. We are liars and slackers, please forgive us. Initially, this episode was just going to be held in the vaults. So we talk about a bunch of tracks that were once new but no longer are. Feel free to download and listen to us banter. We talk about the demise of CL Smooth’s career, Zab Judah getting his ass kicked,  how hip-hop considers legends to be disposable, and the validity of Ras Kass’ political views. Promise to be back on a regular schedule. Life can be hectic, yo. Decided to go without the playlist from now on. Consider it a surprise.