Where Have You Gone, Charlie Brown?

Before I sent the original ATCQ “Scenario” to Unkut.com, I was thinking about how great LONS was back in the day.  I consider their first and 2nd albums to both be classics, and contained performances from one of my favorite MC’s of all time, Charlie Brown. Now, if the original “Scenario” can be tracked down, then someone needs to track down Charlie. The man doesn’t even have  a Wikipedia page! His ish isn’t even linked off the LONS page! What is going on?

Of all the “Where Are They Now?” type articles, blogs and songs that float around the internet, I would have to say I am most interested in Charlie Brown. You know he has some interesting stuff to say about Busta and the history of LONS. Hell, I want to know what he has been up to. Everyone and their mom want to make a comeback nowadays, why can’t Charlie? He always had one of the dopest voices in hip-hop, high energy, and a dope flow. After his performance on that Funk Flex track he straight dropped off the map. Last I hear he was doing some type of jazz performance stuff with relatives (is this true or am I dreaming?)

Anyway, if anyone has any knowledge of his whereabouts or could point me in the right direction, please hit me up at webmaster@2020proof.net.  I have no interest in doing an interview with a majority of rappers that are currently active, but this is one I would kill to get.

Also: Brian and I played the original “Scenario” in March on the 12th episode of the 20/20Proof Podcast. Check the archives and subscribe.


35 Responses to “Where Have You Gone, Charlie Brown?”

  1. regend Says:

    i don’t think CB is interested in participating in current music trends nor the world that has emerged as a result of the internet blogosphere…from last accounts he’s still hanging out at his pad and living his own life. people in the industry know and see him around…finding him is easy…getting him to talk? sounds tough.

  2. 2020proof Says:

    yeah, i imagine it would be hard to get him to talk, which makes an interview all the more interesting. i am sure other people have thought the same thing over the last 15 years or so. personally, i’m not interested in his opinion on current music trends, more on events and his part in the history of hip-hop. not a “so, what do you think of the current singles?” bs interview. thanks for the feedback. peace!

  3. bongolock Says:

    c dot b dot is one of your faves of all time? wow strong words.
    i’d say he was my 2nd fave in lons but of all time he maybe cracks the top 75.

    gimme a quotable verse to convince me?

    on another note , didnt dinco come out with a lame busta diss a while back?

  4. 2020proof Says:

    sure, based on those two albums he was easily my favorite in the group. like guru said, its mostly the voice! not saying i would want to listen to a solo album or two of cb, but within a group he was perfect. his performances on scenario, classic material, what’s next, the funkmaster flex joint, case of the pta are all dope. pretty much everything he did was dope, i felt. how many quotable verses did busta have on lons first two albums? people really started paying attention to him after the scenario verse. lons was just about energy and vibes, which not many groups have been able to deliver at that level since they left the game. yeah, dinco did come out with a lame verse, wasn’t really a fan of him so much.

  5. joe smith Says:

    C Brown has left for good. No one has heard anything about the breakup and noone knows what he and buster said except for themselves/ Its a mystery and will remain until he decides too. Busta probably has no interest making any publicity for c boogie. I agree He was a legend in the game and I always thought he was the one to blow up in LONS. His time has past and his teeth must look insane 15 years later.

  6. Matt Says:

    I’ve been listening to Hip Hop since 1982, it is my life. Charlie Brown is one of the wackest signed MC’s to ever tough a mic. The only good thing he ever did was Scenario. His voice is whiny and annoying, he has no lyrics or flow to speak of. I’m shocked that someone would say he is one of the best. I guess thats why everyone has their own opinion. I put Charlie Brown up there with Mac Fu as the worst signed rappers ever!

    • JeffroD Says:

      you are a compete fool..with out c boogie the group was nothing….if you knew the whole story youd keep ya mouth shut stupid…bryans my boy…..i have his number and know that all his new shit is off the hook…so bite ass

      • Jay Says:

        Well ur in denial for saying that. C brown did not make the group. Busta did…everybody knows that, including them.
        To the OP. You can find Charlie brown in smith street park on Uniondale day. He always drops by to see everybody we grew up with.

  7. Machiventa Says:

    One of the wackest ever? Please, there’s probably at least 10,000 niggas more wack than Charlie. I hear you about when he did those high pitched squeaks but when he rhymed straight up he was nice on the mic. Why you have to come in and disrespect him after all the kind words? Don’t worry I’m not catching feelings I’m just saying.

  8. DreadInNY Says:

    As a producer that worked with L.O.N.S, I have to agree with the group element being key here. I miss the electricity emitted. I am hard pressed to find another group that possessed the energy these guys had. Seeing them interact live was a treat. These dudes always made a weed stop on the way to the studio and sessions were always festive. As to answer the question: I see Brown often and have even recorded him in recent times.

  9. Boothe Says:

    I thought Brown really brought it on the second album, but by that time the Busta Rhymes show was in full effect, so his performance was largely overlooked.

    DreadInNY (Backspin?), perhaps you can pass a message along to Brown. Though I’m not very hopefully, I’d love to see an interview

  10. DreadInNY Says:

    I lost your email. Hit me again. Brown will do the interview

  11. Mike Says:

    Yo, did you ever end up doin that interview wit CB?

  12. El Skunkomatic Says:

    I agree that C.B. was one of the best emcees and one of my personal faves he had that triumphant sounding mega phone deliver ala’ old skool originators and did that whole thing quite well groups like Jurrasic 5 owe alot to that type of style and he may not have been the most lyrical per se like buster but you could always UNDERSTAND what he was saying which is one of many things i loved about his style. Charlie Brown is Hip Hop he was/is a great Emcee in the most serious sense of the word to say that he is wack like Mac Fu is just ridiculous

  13. 2020proof Says:

    there may be something coming soon!

  14. Boothe Says:


    Really looking forward to reading the interview.

  15. joe smith Says:

    Niiice. Seems like we are all fans of C Boogie. All of us LONS fans really want to know why Boogie and busta had beef and what was said. The only thing that puzzles me is that busta included the LONS on his firt solo, the coming. Weak track but they killed it.

  16. Michael Tim Says:

    I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  17. MoMzL1 Says:

    CB was a good MC with a nice flow and typical sound and own style and it’s a shame he just disappeared after the LONS era. Could it be he once did a solo 12″ a few years after LONS? any info welcome, peace.

  18. hayzeus Says:

    Charlie Brown did a song called Whatcha Gonna Do For Me. On the same beat as Craig Mack – Makin Moves With Puff prod. by L.G (I think)… its from 94? Ive only got a tape copy – Anyone got a cd quality copy? WE NEED CHARLIE BROWN BACK!

  19. MoMzL1 Says:

    @ Hayzeus: thanks for the information. Do you happen to have a link where this could be available for a listen? Searched the web but can’t find any. thnx

  20. Mjssoulfan Says:

    Blitz the Ambassador is bringing back GOOD music to a lost industry. Check it out!


  21. DJ Johnny Juice Says:

    Brown recorded about 2 albums worth of material in the mid-90’s with me and also a lot on his own.

    He can write beats, rhyme, and DJ (he scratched on Zearocks on the 2nd LONS album.)

    He released a 12″ called “I’ll Always B Around/Live It Up/One Deep Tonight” on his own Brown Wax imprint but went to work doing TV jingles and made a pretty decent living doing so.

    He is back now working with me on new material as well as a L.O.N.S. project (minus Busta).

    For more info…check my myspace page or my facebook page.


    P.S. DreadinNY is NOT Backspin. But he IS a producer who has, and still is, working with Brown.

    Johnny “Juice” Rosado
    Emmy-Nominated Composer

  22. spaceninja Says:

    Any updates? It would be a shame if this interview never happens…..

  23. JeffroD Says:


  24. Filbert Wilson Says:

    Word! 2010…it’s been long enough. (I’m having Flash-backs of Pinocchio’s Theory)

    Bring it on…I can imagine his hiatus has lead to some ill content. It has however already been this long…I can patiently wait until he’s ready…”…How now brown Cow!”

  25. Filbert Wilson Says:

    Man quotable’s from Charlie Brown…there are plenty of um…1st one that comes to mind:

    “…My Mind (mind), ready to go…it’s time (time)…”
    “I work for a JERK that can’t understand
    pride & soul cause I’m a man
    Minimum wage in the age of the future
    move to slow, damn-it, might shoot ya
    Make fools out of me and you
    I sit relax and I just continue
    to think that there is…

    @ Bongolock: I’m not trying to convince you or anybody else for that matter that C. Brown is one of the ILLEST EVER…that might be saying too much, but me at 30+ must give him his props as one of the most influential emcees from back in the day.

    As for his “whiny” style and high pitched shrieks, yeah he could have done less (or none) of that, leading to him being an acquired taste, but that aside…he did have styles and his delivery was on point!

  26. randomguy Says:

    yo can sombody tell me exactly what hes doing now? and will LONS make a comeback?

    also i wanna know about these new tracks coming out (read from DJ Johnny Juice and someone else)

    so please give me details and not “yo he was the best” (even if this was true) 😛

  27. Johnny Juice Says:

    Brown and I are currently combing through the many (over 40!) songs that were recorded and are either updating them, editing them, or mastering the songs that were completed so that we can go about releasing them before the end of 2010.

    We are also working on new L.O.N.S. material to be released before the end of 2010.

    We also recorded with Son Of Bazerk, Chuck D, and other Long Island MC’s on a song I produced called “Bring that Strong Island Sound Back.”

    He is working. He is hungry. He is still nice as hell.

    He is also on Facebook. His name is Bryan J. Higgins.


  28. Young Thyn Says:

    cb was my fav.. still got a lons signed poster from t.i.m.e. promo poster

  29. Tony brown 5168500791 Says:

    I got that nigga # that nigga live up da block from me on charter st in uniondale

  30. Roger Norton Says:

    C BROWN !!!!!!!!!! 4 President !

    R.O.G. 4 5 STAR General.
    Where Ya At ?

  31. chris griffin Says:

    Charlie Brown one best ever touch Mic and consistently had better verse than Busta on there only two albums!

  32. CEO true Says:

    I like to know , who is the founder of leaders of the new school. My name Is CEO true ,from called the rhytehitters.

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