Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme Finale Recap

All things must come to an end. If you read my initial post on Miss Rap Supreme and my evaluation of the contestants, then you know I am Nostradamus when it comes to making predictions.

What I said in April:
WHAT… THE…FUCK. That look needs to go. However, I am going to go with Rece as my dark horse and pick her to win the Miss Rap Supreme championship. She has a style that will appeal to Yo Yo and Serch. Based on her Myspace music, she seems to be the best of the contestants at crafting a song.

I was pleased with the outcome of MRS and feel that the best contestant won. Cough, Rece Steele, cough. We all knew that it wasn’t going to be Ms. Cherry.

The show began with the ladies being told they were going to have to battle to determine the final two. Immediately, Ms. Cherry and Byata began to panic, because that is not their style. Ms. Cherry actually asked for any alternative spellings and the language of origin. They brought Dr. Roxanne Shante out, who told the ladies to give up rap and go to school. Nahh, she stated that there are no friends in battling, a lesson which Rece Steele would take to heart.

Ms. Cherry led off the diss challenge rapping in that accent which continues to irk me to no end. Her flow was choppy and disjointed. She didn’t really drop any original punchlines, and faltered when she tried to go at Rece Steele’s mother. Yawn

Byata went second and looked like she was battling her mother. She had a cheesy ass grin on her face and dropped lackluster rhymes. Byata can’t battle. I imagine you gathered that from her hippy attire. She did sound more fluid than Ms. Cherry.

Rece Steele went last and stepped up the mic angry as hell. That mother line musta upset her because she tore Byata and Ms. Cherry down. She even made a reference to Ms. Cherry’s ug mug! Now that is what I am talking about. Her ferocity and intensity was so beyond her competitors it wasn’t even funny.

Serch and Yo-Yo met and decided that Ms. Cherry was the weakest of the three and she was required to give up her sash. Next up, was Will.I.Am, who MC Serch had a billion nice things to say. A legend in hip-hop? To make reference to Serch’s new favorite word- Really? Really, Serch? I thought he was pop, forgive me. Will.I.Am had a seat next to the ladies and I thought Hurricane Katrina’s cousin was going to pop off because that dude was floodin’ like a motherfucker. The exchange between Will and the ladies basically involved him asking them to spit, them spitting, and Will looking dazed and saying “wow” and other unintelligible responses. Fascinating. Rece kicked a straight up rhyme while Byata delivered a more hook focused melodic rhyme, knowing a pop artist would respond better to it.

We didn’t get any footage of the ladies constructing their final 16 and song for the final challenge while it cut straight to the dressing room of the final performance. The ladies had to share the same dressing room! What kinda bs is that? Ego Trip is on some old price cutting tactics crap! It would have been much better if the ladies would have been separate dressing rooms and we could have heard some straight up trash talk, heard some more. All we got was them rehearsing over each other. Oh, and Yo-Yo telling them it was a historical moment for women in hip-hop. Was Shamrock winning the WRS a historic moment for white rappers?

Serch arrived in the building and introduced the judges- Mona Scott and Missy Elliott. What, no Dante Ross? Initially, I believed that Rece Steele was royally screwed. Missy Elliott is not similar to Rece in any way whatsoever and is not a real lyrical type chick. She is a pop artist, like Byata. The ladies were required to begin by spitting a 16, in which I felt Rece stepped her game up a little by showing more stage presence and delivering better lines. Byata continued to do Byata. She isn’t awful, but she doesn’t give you anything you will ever remember or quote.

Byata led off the song performance with a little number about her struggles growing up and breaking into the rap game. She rapped for several minutes about people not wanting to hear her, getting booed off stages, and hated on. Yet, she kept going! Someone just can’t take a hint. Byata is def the last person you want on your crib right before dinner is being served and you need her to bounce. Byata’s hook was ehhh, not mind blowing but her crowd participation was decent. Not that she got much back in return.

Rece stepped up and destroyed it. She didn’t rap like she was scared to look at the crowd, she actually gave a pretty dope performance. She destroyed Byata in the lyrical department, created a song that the crowd enjoyed listening to more, and pleased the judges. Despite some of the judges stating that Rece needed to conquer her fear and anger, they gave her the 100G prize and the title of Miss Rap Supreme. What will Ego Trip do next? Best hip-hop group? Asian Rapper Show? Elderly Rapper Show? I believe I shall tune in.


2 Responses to “Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme Finale Recap”

  1. MZ ScoTT Says:

    Whattever…………… Rece Stele look like she stank and da bitch ain’t got shit on ms cherry @@@@@@@@@@@ all!!

  2. cheap ego-t Says:


    […]Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme Finale Recap « 20/20Proof[…]…

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