Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme Episode 7 Recap

I decided to take the week off and allow Blaine and Antoine from Men On Film review the latest Miss Rap Supreme Episode.

Blaine: Welcome to a special edition of Men On Film. Today we will be reviewing the show Miss Rap Supreme.

Antoine: This whole idea repulses me. Women? Rapping?

B: Exactly. Give me some strong muscular men. DMX..

A: Before the crack..

B: Erick Sermon

A: Oooo, the green eyed bandit! I always heard that..

B: Let’s review the show!

A: We started the show with 4 contestants remaining. We had Byata, Chiba, Ms. Cherry, and Rece Steele. The episode began with Byata crying to her Russian daddy.

B: Her Russian daddy looked strong.

A: Later we see that Chiba is feeling down in the dumps because the ladies of the house have made her an outsider. I know what that feels like.

B: Look at her tattoos.

A: Next, the big but not so muscular MC Serch took the ladies to a gun range to let out some rage.

B: I must say I was very disappointed in this segment. Rather than see the elderly Serch bust off some rounds we get to see some girls miss a target worrying about being out on bond.

A: Blaine, the ladies were taking out low self esteem, misogyny and haters.

B: That little Asian gun man was cute. He looked like the cashier who got killed in that raw movie about male rage, Menace II Society.

A: The little Russian hipster rapper won the gun challenge. Later she bonded with the gangsta rapper WC and Crazy Tunes.

B: When I see WC there is more than West UP!

A: I’ve been following WC since Low Profile. That little Russian girls knows nothing about it.

B: I was scared when Chiba began talking to her 23 year old daughter.

A: Isn’t Chiba 28? That moment when she revealed her eye that wouldn’t close moved me.

B: Next, the ladies had to write a rhyme about peace.

A: And rap to some young girls of LA who were victims of gang violence.

B: The challenge found Byata, Ms. Cherry and Rece Steele choking and forgetting their rhymes.

A: Rece Steele has such a hard name but she looks so soft. Sorta like she would walk in my kitchen and start cookin’ me a big breakfast. Chiba won the challenge and moved the crowd.

B: And didn’t get to enjoy it. Byata and those hateful women tried to accuse Chiba of kicking written rhymes.

A: Rece Steele got so worked up! That is the sort of energy I like to see in my male MC’s. Swinging her 1980 gold earrings around.

B: Honey, get me a pair!

A: Soon, our little Russian princess began crying foul and was ready to quit!

B: That Ms. Cherry stated you don’t have to perform nowadays. Girl, you better work it. I got one word for you, baby!

Blaine& Antoine: Downloads!

B: The elimination room found the ladies in a tight room filled with tension as they wrote 16’s about the word bitch.

A: Hated it!

B: I’m with you. Rece Steele delivered her rhyme like a Korean with autism. I didn’t see her eyes through the whole rhyme.

A: Ms. Cherry impressed the judges but her accent made me wince.

B: Byata stumbled but made grabbed Serch’s attention by aiming her rhyme at Chiba.

A: And Chiba kicked a nonsense rhyme about killing some man who called her a bitch.

B: That’s less for us! Chiba got eliminated for her lackluster rhymes as the rest of the ladies embraced

A&B- Hated it!

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