Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme Episode 5 Recap

Death to Chiba!

This week’s episode began with everyone in the house ready to burn Chiba at the stake. The ladies were still upset about Lady Twist being kicked off the show, and felt that Serch and Yo-Yo made a poor decision. It is called ratings, ladies. Ratings! Chiba fought back by telling the house Byata has been throwing darts around behind their back. Either Chiba is being brutally honest or she is totally insane. I am going to lean towards head case. Wearing those sunglasses 24/7 has probably done something to her brain.

They didn’t waste much time setting up the episode as they were split into teams and told they would have to make a music video. Do people still watch music videos anymore? Do people watch videos from female rappers? Thought so.  The teams were split up with Byata, Rece Steele, and Nikki2States making one team while Bree, Ms Cherry, and Chiba made the other.

Ms. Cherry immediately threw a fit as she recognized that her team sucked cock. Big time, yo. However, instead of really contributing anything she acted like a brat and seemed to slow the group’s process down. Shit, they only had 3 hours to make a song and 3 hours to make a video. Tight schedule. Ego Trip killed it on the captions this week, btw. Nikki’s team had a def advantage as they got first pick on items and grabbed the yacht. This left Ms. Cherry’s team with a lame setup and put them in a bad position.

Byata began to worry and complain to the camera that Nikki wasn’t professional. Oh Byata, what could have possibly given you that impression? Could it be the fact that she is shaking her ass around at any given moment and all her rhymes focus on various parts of her body. Byata’s predictions proved right as Nikki shook her ass all around the yacht and rubbed her crotch against anything that wasn’t bolted down.  The group’s concept was that they were pirates and were robbing the nerdy white boys. Their theme of being corny did not match well with sexy. Came off lookin’ like straight doo doo. The title of their video was called “Boss Chicks”. As if corny visuals were not enough, they had to add a straight garbage title. Ughhhh. The name of their yacht is def not hope.

Ms. Cherry’s team had a video that was crisper visually and focused on Ms. Cherry, which was a decent idea.  Not sure you want Bree to be the focus on your video considering the fact she resembles a 13 year old boy. Their video name, “Paper Chase” was also outdated and lame. I think it would have been cool if Chiba took of her glasses and they sorta added a horror element to it, but no dice. Chiba and Bree robbed Ms. Cherry in the video and left her with nothing. How fitting.

Serch and Yo-Yo ended up going with Nikki2States team because they felt it was more of a group effort. Personally,  I thought they lost.  I know it is like choosing between Spam and leftover bologna, but  damn. Nikki seemed to think the same thing and offered her prize of the Salt N Pepa suite to Ms. Cherry who respectfully declined. Nikki2States walked into a fake setup of paparazzi and fans. Her world will be crushed when she goes home to her 4 kids and crappy diapers.

At the elimination challenge, the ladies had to write rhymes about glamor. Bree wrote about dressing up like a boy when she was growing up and how Boys Don’t Cry is her favorite movie. I keed, I keed. Chiba rapped about stalkers and said something about jerking off, Ms. Cherry said the same shit she said for the previous 4 episodes. If I have to hear her talk about being a beast one more time in that fucking retarded ass accent I think I may bust my eardrums on purpose. Bree finished off with another Lifetime movie rap but stumbled towards the end. Perhaps it has something to do with her flow being choppy as hell. The show ends with Serch explaining he knows Bree loves hip-hop, but that she has no future in it and should stick to boxing. 


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