Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme Episode 4 Recap

Byata wanted to rip off Chiba’s mask this week

Episode 4 of Miss Rap Supreme was fairly unspectacular. It was mildly entertaining and all, but this season still lacks the characters that made the White Rapper Show really fun to write about. Right now the only drama going on is the Byata/Chiba war. Will this play into the decision made at the end of the episode? Hmmmm. Perhaps these ladies are too intelligent to come off as total clowns like Jus Rhyme or John Brown, but I’m not sure if coming off as mediocre is really a better alternative.

Anyway, on to the show. At this point the lines have been set. Chiba hates Byata. Byata hates Chiba. Rece Steele seems to have a strong dislike for Chiba. Byata even threatened to remove Chiba’s sunglasses and let the world see her funky eye. Not to her face, cause that would have been a bit too mean. Funny, but mean. Somewhere, Slick Rick is rooting for Byata to be eliminated. Lady Twist becomes angered by all this division in the house and tries to play peacemaker. When she failed, she decided to take some vodka to the head. Little attention seeking, methinks. Twist thought she was doing a good deed, but didn’t realize she was stepped into a middle of a race war. Race war=ratings. Don’t fuck up the ratings, Twist.

The ladies are given a drama challenge which John Singleton judged. He actually said a few things, but looked pretty bored for the majority of the performances. The funniest moment came when he asked the ladies if they were literate. This coming from the man who cast Janet Jackson as a lead! Lady Twist and Nikki2States won the challenge by forming complete sentences and picked the teams for the upcoming dance challenge. Nikki went with Rece Steele and Byata, while Twist, Ms Cherry, Bree and Chiba were on a team. Nikki began salivating immediately as she realized she would get to shake her ass in the challenge.

Venture inside Nikki2States’ game room

The teams were given 60 minutes to write a verse, hook and choreograph. What the fuck is this? Top Chef? I must say that the performances exceeded my expectations. Perhaps it is better to give marginally talented people a short amount of time to create, because when you give them all day they let all the shitty ideas mess everything up. Twist’s team came up with the idea of a dance that involved “sweeping the floor.” Not a good idea to come up with a dance that your captain CAN’T EVEN DO! Poor Twist just hopped around the stage and looked quite helpless. Bree did some sort of spasm thing, and I know that she has to be related to G Child in some way. The B Boys in the back looked rather bored during the performance, but Yo-Yo was getting down. Next up was Nikki’s team. They kicked a wack ass hook in the beginning and their choreography was pretty simple. By simple, I mean it involved Nikki shaking her ass all around. Rece brought the best lyrics and delivered the best overall performance. This led to Nikki’s team being declared the winner and Rece winning the Salt N Pepa suite.

In the elimination challenge, the ladies were required to write about drama, including drama that has gone on in the house. Byata could be seen rubbing her hands together and clutching her My Name Is Earl season 1 dvd as she continued to talk about “karma being a bitch.” Cherry kicked a verse that seemed to have nothing about drama in it. Is it just me or does she say the same shit every week? Her accent is also annoying as fuck. Bree kicked some pity raps about growing up fast, her family being involved in a meth ring, the FBI hunting them down, and a Waco like standoff involving her cousins. No, not really but her rhyme was a 2Pac imitation and sounded like a wack nursery rhyme. Twist kicked a rhyme where she tried again to be peacemaker and describe Byata and Chiba’s beef as a misunderstanding (without saying their names). Twist, she called her a white devil. Not really a misunderstanding. Chiba then stepped up and choked JScott Norwood style.

At the deliberations, Serch and Yo-Yo were puzzled by Twist’s verse and didn’t know who it was addressing. How can you be the host of a show and be unaware of what conflicts have been going on? Do they just swing by and tape 5 minute skits and bounce? Serch walked in at the end of Byata and Chiba going at it last week. Nobody filled him in? Gimme a break. Despite Chiba’s poor performance, Twist is told to step off. Don’t really think her attempt to be the United Nations and stop the only dramatic part of Miss Rap Supreme really helped her chances. Had they gotten rid of Chiba, the show would have gone in the toilet big time, so I understand.


2 Responses to “Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme Episode 4 Recap”

  1. j Says:

    I thought Nikki’s verse in the challenge was freakin awesome! I think out of all of them she has the raunchy style to make it.

  2. Avery Milward Says:

    sooo fake 😉

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