Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme Episode 2 Recap

The second episode of Miss Rap Supreme had a lot of filler. The show began with a recap of the previous week’s events and then got into a fun little moment- Khia got booted for using a previously written rhyme in her elimination challenge. Serch got heated and kicked her off after giving a rah rah speech about drama. After Khia stomped out, Lionezz was brought back in. Some wondered why since it was established last week she is ridiculously wack and can barely speak English.

After that they somehow wound up getting into a meaningless pageant competition. Well, not meaningless for Charli Baltimore! How can bringing in washed up female MC’s who only got attention for fucking a famous male rapper boost these ladies’ self esteem? She played Faith in a video and was never heard from again. So we have the pleasure of seeing her sitting on a couch judging the ladies in their track suits. I don’t think she uttered one word. When Lady Twist hears it is a swimsuit competition she threatens to leave immediately. The two winners of the contest are Lionezz and Byata because they pretty much look the best. Chiba pre accident could have given them a run for the money. Word on the street is she is thinking about doing an album with Slick Rick.

Lionezz is happy because the competition is based on looks.

Yo-Yo says that she would actually wear this. Byata, did DJ Premier really work with you?

After the pageant, the ladies were split into two teams with the white girls being chosen last once again. Well, the two white trashy white girls. Team Byata consisted of Chiba, Rece Steele and Bree. Lionezz’ team consisted of Ms. Cherry, Nikki2States, Lady Twist, and D.A.B. When Nikki found out D.A.B. is on her team she makes the gas face. After another call from the mirror and Yo-Yo rocking the Pee Wee Herman look again, the ladies got down to their challenge.

In a brilliant twist, the ladies were taken to a lesbian bar. Now, at first I thought this was just reality shock TV,etc. Then I thought about it… this is their audience! We all know that guys are not buying female MC albums. This may be the future of their career. Ego Trip obviously picked a bar where the crowd was not too butch, and you could spot some attractive ladies in the joint. The ladies’ assignment was to kick some sexy-time Borat raps for the crowed. For some reason I can’t stop thinking about that episode of South Park where they parody 300 and talk about “scissoring.” This IS LESBOS!

Team Byata tried to do some choreography which went awry. I was waiting for G Child to pop out the curtains and do that little weird jig she did from last season. Byata forgot her lyrics but caaught herself without completely falling apart. Poor Serch is really getting old. He began to rap to himself during the performance:

These ladies are better than Jus Rhyme, I think I shall rhyme along

Team Lionezz was a fucking train wreck and a half. This is where Khia was needed. Nikki2States shook her ass around and kicked raunchy raps. Yawn. Ms. Cherry forgot her raps and disappeared. It seemed that some of the audience felt the same way:

Whatever happened to Bahamadia?

It was no contest as team Byata took the crown. After the challenge, Nikki2States started fucking around with a doll. Didn’t Ryan Gosling just make a movie about that shit? I am starting to think this show would be much better if it were half an hour. For the next 10 minutes we hear Vanilla Sky Chiba lecture Byata about her dance steps being fucked up. They go back and forth and finally kiss and make up. Byata seems to have a nice personality, but that won’t make me download your music, let alone buy it.

As they got down to the elimination, Serch and Yo-Yo emerged looking like they were straight out of the 1950’s. Serch was even holding a pipe. Ms. Cherry looked broken as it finally dawned upon her she will be a no-hit wonder. The assignment was given to the ladies: write a rhyme about what you believe is unsexy. Lady Twist began to brainstorm.

Unsexy.. hmmm… Diets! Vegetables! Swimsuits! On me! Dresses! Lo Cal Italian Dressing!

To make a long story short, the ladies all kicked various degrees of wack rhymes. Lady Twist actually came off the best, despite the fact I can’t even remember what she said. Nikki2States was praised for not rhyming about her ass. Lionezz declared that she does not like being called a Nazi or German (isn’t she German) and she will break you down like the Berlin Wall. Ms. Cherry and D.A.B. both stumble and forget their rhymes, which lead to them being placed in the final two. D.A.B. is sent back home where she will probably continue to rhyme about shooting heroin and being white trash.

My career is over…that crack looks wicked good. Maybe I’ll go watch The Departed.


2 Responses to “Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme Episode 2 Recap”

  1. Eggs Says:

    Ey man, thanks for the recap! Shit is too hilarious!

    I’m caught all the way in some country where I can’t watch this crap so I’m forced to torrent it.

  2. 2020proof Says:

    word. thanks for reading.

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