The Wire Is Almost Over- Pick Up A Book


Listen. Currently, I have the same feeling of impending doom and sadness that every other Wire fan is experiencing right about now. There is not much time left for one of the greatest shows ever aired and the void left by its departure may never be filled. Now the question will soon be- what is left to watch on TV? And when I say watch, I don’t mean sit your ass down and happen to come across some shit that satisfies you for 30 or 60 minutes. Fuck satisfaction. I desire perfection.  I am talking about a show that you follow religiously. A show you purchase on DVD, discuss on message boards, and schedule other shit in your life around. The outlook as of now is fairly gloomy. If anyone has any recommendations for me, feel free to drop em in the comments or via email.

Despite the death of The Wire, there is a bright spot. Richard Price is still writing and he has a new book out. I just received Lush Life in the mail and it is classic Price so far. When it comes to dialogue, Richard Price can write his ass off. So for all you Wire fans, hit up Amazon cause they have the hardcover on sale right now for 15. Can’t beat that.


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