It All Falls Down


First it was just accusations and inflated domes. Now we have bloody needles, legacies in doubt, and mad snitchin’. Even poor Chuckie Knoblauch was on the run. Can this shit get any better? Now it turns out that Pettitte let those gums flap in front of Congress . Could it be true that Roger took steroids? Nooooooooooo! I never would have believed that.

VIA AP NEWS: WASHINGTON — Roger Clemens told Yankees teammate Andy Pettitte nearly 10 years ago that he used human growth hormone, Pettitte said in a sworn affidavit to Congress, the Associated Press learned Tuesday.

There may not be crying in baseball but there sure as hell is snitchin’. When Congress has that choke hold on you and the darkness starts to fall, you best believe you are gonna say what those dudes want to hear.

P: Clemens.

C: I didn’t hear you, Pettitte. What did you say?

P: I said…. Clemens.

C: YOU said Clemens did what?

P: I said Clemens told me he used HGH and asked me to shoot it in his ass.

C: Hahahahaa, repeat that last part.

P: I hate you Congress. Leave a man with his dignity.

Honestly, let us just chalk MLB up as a total loss and give up. The shit is done. Dead. No record can be taken seriously, the league is diluted, and there is no parity.

What hurts the most is that we can’t even get some honesty. These dudes don’t even respect our intelligence, which is why I can’t respect them or baseball. Be honest, yo. I know you took the shit, just say it. Let’s move on. Instead, everyone wants to act like they just swallow any tablet some average Joe shoves in front of them while rubbing mystery cream on their legs. Sure.


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