How Many Public Enemy Records Does Kanye Own?


“It feels good to be home here at the Grammys.”

Will someone Zednick this fool?

That motherfucker owns none! Nada! Zilch! Zero! You know his mama kept him away from that shit. First time he saw Chuck D was on CNN two years ago. Shit, Ye didn’t even know who Flava Flav was until he came across VH1 trying to find a promo spot with his face in it.

Anyway, I can’t take it anymore. Where is a sniper when you need one? Kanye West, you are not hip-hop. Hip-hop does not need validation from the Grammys. Can Kanye be permanently banned from all hip-hop albums other than his own and be sentenced to some sort of limbo where he can only work with shitty pop artists that suburban teens and 30something yuppies listen to? The fact Kanye is so fixated on such an award shows how out of touch he is. His ego is so large that he has to win awards that don’t matter to anyone who listens to hip-hop. Is that not the genre that he is creating? Well, I know it isn’t, but come on. What the fuck is a Grammy? When is the last time you went out and bought a hip-hop record because it won a Grammy? Thought so. You don’t make it hard to figure out why KRS puts his endorsement behind 50.

What I want to know is when will the real backlash begin? Sure, there are folks like me who think Kanye is a piece of shit, but it seems like too many are just on the fence. There are only two sides. How many rappers do ya think secretly hate Kanye but are too bitch to diss him on record?. I can barely respect Common anymore. His Piven/West love is almost too much to overcome. “The Bitch In Yoo”, for sure. If you take a real look at Kanye’s whole persona and music, he is really just MC Hammer with better punchlines. And instead of real baggie clothes, he has real tight clothes. Shit, MC Hammer was never this annoying. You always knew where he stood. He sucked, and you knew it. Not to mention he helped out a shit load of people, which resulted in him going broke. Who has Kanye put on?

Kanye is pop. Hence the mass appeal, I get it. His rapping also sucks the big one, which makes it easier for retards to digest. But what I don’t really get is this belief that he is in some way different or unique. Hell, Daft Punk ain’t exactly new. The choice to sample them was simply a poor one. Like I said before, these ‘mo rappers like the wrong white people. He did a mama tribute at the Grammys! No better way to grieve and express your feelings than in front of a Grammy audience! He did use extended metaphor on “Homecoming.” Have I heard that before? Well, not with a British guy doing the hook about an American city. That screamed authenticity. Ye may have the money to sample a bunch of shit, to get big names, and to dress up his product pig in nice art lipstick. Unfortunately, he does not have the money to fool me. Eventually, the shit shall crumble.


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