Q: What’s Beef? A: The King Of Kong


The King of Kong just came out on DVD and gets an easy thumbs up/ must buy stamp. The documentary examines the quest of Steve Wiebe, an extremely kind and talented high school teacher who consistently comes up short in everything he attempts to accomplish. Homie’s life is one big letdown. Wiebe’s sets his mind on trying to take down Billy Mitchell‘s high score in King Kong, which has stood for mad years. Mitchell is the ultimate gamer, a holder of a perfect game in Pac Man, and the face of Twin Galaxies. He is also a major asshole.


When Wiebe accomplishes his goal of setting the King Kong record by playing in his garage, it sets in motion a chain of events that is beyond bizarre. Scores are questioned, dudes run up in his house, and Billy Mitchell talks trash despite ducking a live showdown with Wiebe. At the same time, Wiebe puts his pursuit of a video game record in front of everything else in his life. Peep his kid daughter checkin’ him on a trip to break the record in an attempt to get his name in Guinness.

The King Of Kong actually doesn’t depict a beef, because you really need two participants. Mitchell plays 2pac to Wiebe’s Biggie. Despite being dogged and treated like an outcast, Wiebe never gives a real response or freaks out. He just keeps going about his business. Mitchell’s personality on the other hand makes me think of KRS One , as even a challenge to his throne seems to draw his ire. Just as KRS-One believes he is hip-hop, Billy Mitchell believes he is gaming. That shit is not very endearing to say the least. Eventually, Wiebe’s focus and honesty actually make a believer and ally out of Mitchell’s long time best friend, much to Billy’s chagrin. Watching him discuss Wiebe in glowing terms in front of Mitchell is another amazing moment from the film.

The DVD features a couple commentaries, bonus scenes and extended interviews. Sure, you may be thinking that watching two nerds battle it out over something as silly as a video game which can’t be played on your PS3 is a waste of your time, but you are wrong. This is a David and Goliath tale, and is something for the people who feel they have come up short in life at one time or another. If this film doesn’t find a way into your top 10 list of 07, please let me know what is on your list.


2 Responses to “Q: What’s Beef? A: The King Of Kong”

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