Rock Is The Ultimate Optimist


“I ain’t been talked about this much in hip-hop since [Heltah Skeltah’s debut] Nocturnal.”

How does one find anything positive in an attempted murder charge? A couple thousand extra records sold<imprisonment. Supposedly Rock let loose some hot lead into a pimp, which he dismisses as a minor misunderstanding.

“It’s just a motherfucker talking some shit basically and that’s the bottom line,” Rock told SOHH.

I love Rock and he has one of the dopest voices in the hip-hop game, but damnnnn. Who gets shot in the neck and talks some shit? The only evidence that got him arrested was dude’s word? If homeboy’s intention was to extort a rapper, he obviously picked the wrong one. Even Rock admits he hasn’t been talked about since 1996. It may be in Rock’s interest to make no further statements. Innocent until proven guilty, but it’s still wise not to give statements that may hand someone a brush which could be used to paint you as someone who sees the positive in shootings and attempted murder charges. Just a thought.


One Response to “Rock Is The Ultimate Optimist”

  1. CommishCH Says:

    Dang, that isn’t very bright. Kind of like 2pac on YoMTV years ago.

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