Calling Dr. Drew/ Hook Beanie Sigel Up


Dr. Drew is the man. He ain’t no wack Dr. Phil. I respect his game because it is obvious from his past work and the intake process on his new show that he is not attempting to exploit the celebs, but truly cares about helping them with their disease. His new show, Celebrity Rehab, features a bunch of drug addicted celebs (no big time celebs, sorry) attempting to overcome their addiction. Sorta like Intervention but with D List celebs. You got the cat from Grease, the crackhead guy from Crazytown, the American Idol chick who recently got arreseted, a Baldwin, the Family Matters porn girl, Chyna, Brigette Nielsen, and another porn star.

Beans really should have reached out to Dr. Drew and gotten on this show. Drinkin’ cough syrup by the gallon, riding in rented Altimas and not paying the tab, parading with Cosby and violating probation ten minutes later…homie needs some help. Take one look at that fool when he was tryin’ to diss Ye for being gay and tell me he ain’t worse off than the Family Matters chick who just smokes marijuana (Ok, so she did porn for weed and broke the Bob Saget rule) .

Kanye be wearin’ tight clothes. Therefore, the fellow must be gay. Yes, there is positively no doubt about it.

Did I mention that I just signed an endorsement deal? What am I endorsing, you ask? Well, it is a quite wonderful product which I happen to use myself from time to time:


Where am I again? Hi, I’m Beanie Sigel! What is your name? Oh, we’ve met? Fifteen minutes ago? Shiiiiiiit.

Beans just got sentenced to 6 months in a halfway house for a little VOP, which turned out to be a trip to Atlantic City. Hell, this Jessica Sierra offered to blow cops and was yelling out racial slurs but Dr. Drew still stood by her side in an attempt to get her 1 year worth of rehab. He even flew down to Florida to testify on her behalf. Can’t Beanie get a lil’ assistance?


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