Wiz Khalifa- Say Yeah AKA Say Butabi

There is a reason Wiz is looking at the floor. No, you won’t find a link to the song on this page.

I interviewed Wiz in the 4th issue of 20/20Proof, which prob makes you think I am going to be all about his new single. Sorry, but this shit is Omar without the thuggin’- straight ‘mo. At one moment I actually thought that Steve and Doug were going to run up behind and start dancin’ n’ at. “Say Yeah Butabi” is disappointing because Wiz has more potential than this. When Wiz says “make it rain, man” and that is flow is “sorta retarded like that Rain Man” you not only peg him as a lazy lyricist, but question his knowledge of film. Did you ever see a retard do the shit that Rain Man could do? “Retarded like Sean Penn in I Am Sam” would have been even a little better. Did I mention the sample is fruity as hell?



4 Responses to “Wiz Khalifa- Say Yeah AKA Say Butabi”

  1. calizilla Says:

    nobody reads your shit, dawg.

  2. 2020proof Says:

    wiz khalifa fans do!

  3. sadcfvs Says:

    pff hater. wiz khalifa is the best.

  4. PlayWithMusic Says:

    I really like yourblogmy vote goes to Khalifia ey hustfor the record vist my website and download free hiphop instrumentals.holla seeyaa

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