Musharraf reps Duck Down


Well, sort of.

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan (CNN) — Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s assassination was her own fault, the country’s president, Pervez Musharraf, said in an interview on U.S. television.

“For standing up outside the car, I think it was she to blame alone — nobody else. Responsibility is hers,” the former general told CBS’ “60 Minutes” on Sunday.


Duck down for life! Gotta agree with Musharraf here. If you know that people are tryin’ to merk ya, it may be in your best interest not to act like you are in a Thanksgiving parade.  Does anyone disagree with his comments?  Sure, it ain’t her fault that people killed her but she sure didn’t make it that difficult for em. If a bunch of fucking extremists  would love nothing better than to blow me into a billion bits and pump me full of hot lead the last thing I would be doing is giving them a clear target. My time would be spent having some scientists figure out how to invent the stuff that laces Wolverine’s skeleton and throw it on my car.  Buckshot needs to figure out a way to have Duck Down do the soundtrack for the upcoming biopic.


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