Rappers Need HGH


Studies of adults with growth hormone deficiencies show that injections of human growth hormone can:

* Increase bone density
* Increase muscle mass
* Decrease body fat
* Bolster the heart’s ability to contract
* Improve mood and motivation <—– mad important for old mc’s
* Increase exercise capacity
For further evidence check below:

At age 22:

Ice Cube has dope lyrics, a great delivery and spits classic shit. How many times have you dropped a load in your mom’s bathroom and come out sayin’ you felt ten pounds lighter? Dope

At age 38:

Spits cornball lyrics and repeats the same shit every rapper has said for the last 20 years when they are attacked for their rhymes. Snooze fest. How many times have you said you were willing to choke eagles? Thought so. Not so dope

At age 22:


On his way to being a superstar. A mean and lean phenom. Dope.

At age 38:

After taking the clear and putting on mad weight he was better than ever. Sure his skull had expanded to epic proportions, but his stats were still amazing. While other players folded as they got older, Barry stayed on top with a little help from science. Now the feds wanna jam him up. Dope.

How many times have you wished that your favorite MC still had it? If these cats truly love hip-hop than they need to be willing to sacrifice their bodies for this ish. Go Lyle Alzado if need be. Watch that memory and flow keep pace with the 20 somethings after some of that HGH. Someone needs to do a research study quick.


2 Responses to “Rappers Need HGH”

  1. MDOcadvoacte Says:

    Maybe the old school Ice Cube fan’s dont like his shit now. But I think the 00’s Ice Cube like his shit.

  2. 2020proof Says:

    Well, the fans of 21st century Ice Cube like inferior shit to be honest. Comparing his later albums with his earlier work is like a fast food burger to a steak. Cube simply fell the fuck off and has nothing left to say imo.

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