The fucking man (if you can even call him that) endorses Stetson cologne. This is the real reason Brady’s bastard child does not bear his name. That chick from Lord of War showed his ass. So the Pats just went 16-0  after Eli (did he get all the shitty DNA like Danny in Twins?) and the Giants choked hardcore. Now we get to enjoy everyone swinging off Tom Brady and company’s nuts for the next 25 years until another NFL team reaches regular season perfection. Count me out of this fucking slob fest, please.

Nothing would make happier right now than for the Pats to lose in the playoffs. I will also take Brady and Randy Moss coming down with some sort of contagious disease. Not deadly, mind you. Ok, deadly. If that can’t happen then please let Peyton Manning ride his Colts (I realize my Steelers are not up to the task) all over Rodney Harrison’s HGH inflated dome, Teddy Bruschi’s defective heart, and Belichick’s cheating ass. Sorry, but 15 wins after you cheated does not really erase the fact that you cheated. You knew the rules and threw up that spy game shit regardless. Beating opponents by forty or fifty points doesn’t Total Recall my fucking brain.

For all the fucking grief that Barry Bonds gets over his supposed cheating, how the fuck do these guys get away with this shit? Heh, I think you know the answer. Football players can take whatever they want, Belichick can shove a spy camera up Mangini’s ass and nobody bats an eye.

Note: The Pats need to send a fucking case of champagne to the Ravens coaching staff. Remember that timeout they called after the Ravens had stopped them on 4th down? Shit saved the team you love to hate from being 15-1.


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