20 Thoughts On Lupe Fiasco and The Cool


1. I really wanted to like this album. Unfortunately, you can’t always get what you want.


2. “Hip Hop Saved My Life” is really dope! Now that is what you call character development.

3. The poetry intro is worse than that shit the goth kids on South Park spit. Someone please tell her.


4. “Go Go Gadget Flow” brings back memories of Crucial Conflict. They are currently planning their comeback.


5. I love my HD dvd player but “Hi Definition” is just fucking disgusting. Just because new technology exists does not mean you have to rap about your life being like my favorite TV show broadcast in crisp and clear 1080p glory. Look out for my new track “Lightscribe DVD Burner.” My life is like one, yo.

6. Lupe’s voice doesn’t really do much for me and simply lacks power.


7. “Paris, Tokyo” has Tribe fans creaming their pants. They simply won’t believe that Lupe has never heard Midnight Marauders and have begun to call the track “Exhibit A.” If any other person told you they loved hip-hop and knew nothing of Midnight Marauders you would most likely laugh your ass off or smack them in the mouth. “Paris,Tokyo” is ok, but is far from a get out of jail free card. Put simply, Lupe lacks “it”. Perhaps he realizes this and it’s why he is in the process of planning a retirement.


8. “Intruder Alert” is one corny PSA. What was the thought process when they created the hook? “Ok, you say intruder and I will say alert.” Oh, to think what a group like Outkast could do with this concept.

9. Is it just me or does Lupe’s voice sound better screwed?

10. Listen to The Cool and try and tell me that Lupe doesn’t need to join a group or get a partner in crime who is willing to edit him.


11. RA would say that this is a pop album. I think I would have to agree.


12. “Streets on Fire” and “Little Weapon” are a nice one, two punch.


13. “Dumb it Down” has grown on me.

14. I have seen Lupe live and it was kinda wack. This album will not translate well live.


15. Shouldn’t Chris Martin be on this album?


16. It seems that Lupe could not afford Chris Martin so he got this cat named Matthew Santos. He is just as bad. Why do rappers like the wrong white people?


17. Word is that Mos Def wanted to appear on “Hello/Goodbye” after he heard there would be a guitar on it. Didn’t work out.


18. At first I thought this album was simply too long, but now I don’t even think cutting it in half would save it.


19. If The Cool is a classic album (which some folks seem to have bestowed upon it) , then where are the classic tracks?


20. The Cool is not a Ritz cracker.



One Response to “20 Thoughts On Lupe Fiasco and The Cool”

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