Fight Of The Year


If you missed the Contender 3 finale tonight then you missed a hell of a fight. Forget that Mayweather/De La Hoya ish. ESPN has brought it for boxing fans with this year’s Contender. For the finale, Jaidon Codrington faced off against Sakio Bika. Codrington entered the ring with Dame Dash, which brought up doubts immediately. Beofre the fight began, I thought Jadion would use his accurate power to overcome Bika, who looked off in his previous fight with Sam Soliman. Can a man win with Dame Dash in his corner?

The first round looked like a replay of Codrington’s loss to Allan Green, in which he was brutally KO’d. Peep the vid below to see Green put Jaidon to sleep. Shortly after the bell, Bika bulldozed Codrington and swung wildly, getting through Codrington’s defense. Not so fast, as Codrington showed heart and rebounded, hitting Bika with a powerful left hook that dropped him instantly. It was that sort of fight. Back and forth, edge of your seat action that made you question who would come out on top.


As the fight dragged on it was obvious that Bika’s experience gave him an advantage. Codrington stood directly in front of Bika and rarely countered with accuracy despite Bika’s wild swings. This was not a fight with jabs. Both boxers had personal motivations driving them in this fight. Jadion lost his father during the series, and it was announced later that he had committed suicide. Codrington even missed the funeral so he could complete his journey. Bika is a boxing vet with one of the ugliest wives I have ever seen and family in Africa that he wants to support. Bika discussed using the 750,000 purse to fund his child’s education and provide for his family, but I know deep down he would like to fix his wife’s face.
Bottom line is this was easily the most entertaining fight of 07 and I am sure many would love to see a rematch in the future if possible. Codrington will have a long career in front of him as he has all the tools and Bika has gotten his name out to an even greater audience.


One Response to “Fight Of The Year”

  1. mike Says:

    The Mayweather – De La Hoya fight was consistent at best. My friends and I paid for this, and we didn’t get any excitement. Both gentlemen were standing at the end of the match, and it didn’t seem like they gave it their all. Maybe you see this in a different light.

    Mike Grant

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