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Nobody Told Me

October 24, 2007

After watching this video I played it for my brother and gave him a hug.

Me: Yo, I love you. Every family has a crack head.
Bro: What the fuck are you talking about? I’m not a crack head.
Me: But every family has a crack head!
Bro: No. Every family does not have a crack head. Big Lou’s family has a crack head.
Me: I’m not ashamed to know you, man.
Bro: I’m not a fucking crack head!


Have I Been Gone That Long?

October 10, 2007

I have been gone a long time studying with my acting coach in an attempt to land the part of Biggie in the upcoming biopic. Part of me thinks it won’t work out. Anyway….

Since when did Tek from Smif N Wessun (their new song is hot) look like Mike Tyson when he forgets to take his fucking mood stabilizers:


Lupe was exposed for being a non Tribe fan. No, he doesn’t like them at all. Had he said all their post Midnight Marauders material was doo doo, I would have let that shit slide. Don’t you get sent to Siberia for such a ridiculous statement?


Prodigy is going to go away for a gun? For goodness’ sake, why? Why carry a weapon that could get you imprisoned if you never plan on using it?

Prodigy:Yo, I got this motherfucking bazooka, son.
Man walks up to Prodigy, punches him in his face and takes his chain. His boys chase him but are unable to reach him.
Prodigy’s Friend: Hit that motherfucker with the bazooka, yo!
Prodigy: Nahhhh, I really don’t feel like busting off my bazooka today. Maybe next time.

Shit, just let people punch you in the face and suck it up.

Yo, do my muscles look big like this?