20/20Proof At The Movies: Rescue Dawn


Christian Bale is one of the few actors (Ed Norton, Daniel Day Lewis) around that I will lay down my hard earned cash for. The man can simply do no wrong. Hell, he brought Batman back from the grave, repped to the fullest in the Prestige, and now gives you his John Rambo performance of a lifetime. I went with my lady today to see his new flick, Rescue Dawn, which is directed by Werner Herzog. Herzog had previously done a documentary on the subject of Rescue Dawn’s protagonist, Dieter Dengler, and decided to revisit the subject in a drama format with Bale portraying Dengler.

The story of Rescue Dawn is quite simple- Dengler is a pilot who gets shot down and crashes over Laos only to become a prisoner of war. What follows after his crash is where shit gets interesting. You have some crazy torture sequences, delusional POW’s, worm eating, and dudes shitting their drawers. Throughout the film you also get Dengler and company attempting to cope with a crazy ass backflipping guard, a midget guard who reminded me of that dude from Swamp Thing and a guard they refer to as Little Hitler.

No homo, Steve.
No homo, Christian.

Apparently there has been some criticism over events in the film that were changed or left out. Peep this site for the details on that. Obviously, this is a film and not a documentary so I took what was presented with a grain of salt. Based on always means the shit ain’t word for word. The key word is based. Whatever the truth may be, I give this film the 20/20Proof stamp of approval due to overall strong acting performances, dope material, and great pacing.


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