I Know Why Lupe Fell


Seriously. If you would have come to me a couple months ago you would have heard my bold prediction- Lupe is going to brick… literally. When I saw him at IUP with my girl we were both disappointed that he kept his body sideways for almost the entire show. Apparently Lupe likes to imagine the crowd as a bunch of Medusas who will turn his body to stone if he looks directly into their eyes.

Did I forget to mention he had sunglasses on? Yes, Lupe rocked glasses and was still afraid to look the crowd in the eye. Last I checked Byron Crawford did not reside in Indiana, PA so why was Lupe so scared? Did he know that he would take a fall off the stage at some point in the future and wanted to look cool *cough* while doing it?

My dream scenario would have been for Lupe to fall of the stage, hit his head and suddenly change into a different person. Sorta like when Damon Wayans’ gay character from the In Living Color “Men On Films” skit took a lump to the head and suddenly went from being a limp wristed Amaechi to a macho tough guy. Can you imagine if Lupe fell off the stage, picked himself up and started rapping like 50 or DMX? Perhaps then he would actually look at the audience when he performs.


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