20/20Proof Podcast Episode 6


For the 6th episode of the 20/20Proof Podcast I discuss the hip-hop bloggers fantasy baseball league, upcoming DVD’s, 1408, Common, The Bigs, my arm injury and bowling.


Common-The People
OC & Sadat X-Yes Sir
Abstract Rude-Rebel
Cocoa Brovaz-Still Standin Strong
Cormega & Tragedy-They Forced My Hand
John Forte-Poli Sci
Kurious- Leave Ya’ With This
LONS- A Quarter To Cutthroat
RBX-Mom’s Are Cryin
Souls Of Mischief- Never No More (76 Seville Remix)
Marco Polo feat Sadat X, JuJu, & A.G.- Rollin’




2 Responses to “20/20Proof Podcast Episode 6”

  1. CommishCH Says:

    yo, looks like I just passed into your #10 spot in the blogger’s league, watch out! Lots of beisbol left though.

    Big ups on the Souls remix, I havent heard that in years. There’s still a few cats around here sporting Hiero gear on their rides.

  2. 2020proof Says:

    my team is injury central right now. burnett going down fucking crushes. i need myers, dempster, and burnett to come back. my infield is coming back, too. if hafner has a big second half and my team stays healthy i could finish 7th! yes!

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