Blue Comet

If you have not seen the next to last episode of the Sopranos, you may not want to read any further as there are various spoilers.


The end is near. The finale is one week away and it will only be one hour long. Can’t we get a 2 hour epic in this mofo? How will everything be finished in one hour? Will there simply be killing after killing? Will Phil Leotardo go up in a ball of flames? Will Tony and Paulie whack Phil and get caught? Will AJ whine and cry? Hopefully it meets the excellent standard that has been set by the last few episodes, all of which have been extremely satisfying.

It seems that I had it wrong about Meadow biting the dust. The case of mistaken identity was wayyyyy off course. Really thought that they would hit Tony where it hurt. However, it was the hit on Phil that went wrong, not the hit on Tony. Shoulda known something that seemed rather obvious had no way of happening. Unfortunately, Bobby Bacala bit the dust which I expected to an extent due to the crying Janice in the preview from two weeks back.

* Sil getting shot and put into a coma really sucked. He is so damn loyal and hardworking you wanted him to make it through this war. Doesn’t look like it was meant to be. Sil was a killing machine who didn’t blink when it came to danger but unfortunately wasn’t smart enough to keep his weapon on his person and not in the glovebox.

* Bobby Bacala’s character went through a drastic change this season as he was no longer the sweet and lovable Bobby who drove Junior around, broke down in tears when his dad was ordered to do a hit for Tony, and shrugged his shoulders when Janice got dissed. After his first killing this season he truly morphed into a new character. Giving Tony an ass whipping and whackin someone turned him into an assertive, aggressive guy. At least he went out doing what he loved- toy trains.

* Paulie is like the Iron Man. Fucking indestructible. Can’t kill him. Shit, Phil can’t even target him. Is there a reason for that? Hmmmmm.

* Dr. Melfi took seven years to figure out that therapy wasn’t helping Tony. Perhaps she should retire.

* Tony throwing AJ on the floor after he started bawling like a bitch over Bobby’s killing was classic material.

* I am really going to miss this show. After The Wire ends I can’t really think of any reason to watch TV anymore.

* Tony gripping his assault rifle and remembering the moment with Bobby on the boat was killer. As was the end credit music.


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