Ya Livin’ Backwards Phife


Phife Dawg still has some stuff in the basement. XXL recently reported that Phife Dawg wants A Tribe Called Quest to reunite and create a new record.  Is this the hip-hop Rocky Balboa? Does Phife go on yearly tours to all the spots that Tribe rocked or recorded back in the day and reminisce about when people cared? Does he scroll the blogs and read the recent top 25 lists of which nearly every one has a place for ATCQ? In Rocky Balboa, Paulie breaks down during their Adrien throwback tour 06 and tells good ol Rock that he is “living backwards.” In essence, that he needs to stop focusing on the past, let it go, and move on with his life. Is this what is left for aging rappers? Dropping half ass efforts or trying to create reunions that only 30 something hip-hop fans will care about yet likely be disappointed with and criticize when it actually drops?

Back when ATCQ broke up, Phife agreed with Q-Tip that they had nothing left to say and had accomplished their mission.  Suddenly, like Game’s woman, he has a change of heart and wants to get the group back together to create an album that will re-establish their legacy. Unfortunately, Phife has not listened to Beats, Rhymes & Life or The Love Movement because if he had, he would have realized that ATCQ fell off something fierce after Midnight Marauders. While groups such as Outkast have been able to pump out album after album and constantly evolve, A Tribe Called Quest simply had nothing left worth saying and quite possibly had lost their “eye of the tiger” after recording their masterpiece after a masterpiece, Midnight Marauders. The tank was empty. Big time.

If this is a financially motivated idea on Phife’s part because he recently hit up Foot Locker and couldn’t afford that throwback jersey that he had his eye on, then more power to him. That isn’t quite as sad, especially since we all know the record would be downloaded like crazy and tank on the charts. However, if he wants to have a trip down memory lane and  further damage ATCQ’s legacy, I think he really needs to sit down and be honest in regards to his rhyme skills and what he has to offer.


3 Responses to “Ya Livin’ Backwards Phife”

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  2. THE-XFACTA Says:

    I love ATQC, but let’s keep it real here. ATQC was all about Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammed. Phife was just a dude that happened to know them as far as I’m concerned. His lyrics were usually garbage, except for a punch line here or there. Yo Phife, don’t be mad UPS is hiring!

  3. CommishCH Says:

    Emmitt Smith with the Cardinals, Willie Mays and the Mets, Johnny Unitas on the Chargers, Phife and crew releasing a new CD.

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