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20/20Proof Podcast Episode 5

May 29, 2007


For the 5th episode of the 20/20Proof Podcast I simply play some dope ish and bs about the Wii and Sopranos.


Pharoahe Monch- Body Baby
Wise Intelligent- I’m Him
Kanye West-Can’t Tell Me Nothing
Tame One-Division East Mic Check
RA The Rugged Man-Super
Joell Ortiz-Brooklyn Bullshit
Devin The Dude-Just Because
MF Grimm- See No Evil
Prodigy-Stop Frontin’




Tame One-The Grudge Review

May 24, 2007


If you peeped my recent contribution to the 25 favorite hip-hop albums project you would know I am a big fan of Tame’s early work with Artifacts. After their second album and subsequent breakup I lost track of Tame and El. Fast forward ten years likeGrosse Pointe Blank and I get Tame’s recent mixtape, The Grudge, in my mailbox. At times I get feelings of joy and excitement when I hear one of my favorite MC’s is still doing it, but at other moments it makes me sigh when I get thatwack flow aftertaste in my mouth from an MC who hung on just a little bit too long. Props to Keyshawn Johnson for knowing when to hang up the cleats and make the switch to the land of TV. Many rappers could take a lesson from him.

Tame One is not in Keyshawn territory just yet. His recent mixtape The Grudge, produced by Mishap, Shape, Arkitekt, Mr. Mone is more than a trip down memory lane and has genuinely dope moments. While it is nice to see a real MC with skills still doing it, The Grudge will make you wish those on top would tumble down the mountain and make room for real hip-hop fans. On “Division East Mic Check” Tame lets it be known that his unhappiness with hip-hop is related to who is at the top of the game and “winning” .

On “Fun 101” Tame lets loose some raw hip-hop over a Gary Glitterish track, while on “Division East Mic Check” we get a moody and hypnotizing track that finds Tame spewing forth everything in his head. “Da Ol’ Jersey Bastard” pays homage to ODB with Tame spitting his clever, off the top of the head lyrics over some Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy type ish. Hell, incorporating the Gilligan’s Island theme into a hook is def some ODB type shit. While “Hip-Hop” and “Bricks Shit” come off as so-so the overall product is worthy of a listen. The Grudge: Fuck The Industryis somewhat disappointing to listen to if only for the fact that it hurts to see what the game can do to the MC’s you grew up listening to. If I can get an album with more tracks like “Fun 101” and less anger that would be a good thing. Hopefully putting forthThe Grudge got that ish out Tame’s system and he can keep his head up.

Can’t Tell Me Nothing

May 16, 2007

After listening to the snippet of Kanye West’s new single “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” I had great hopes for the full version. Well, the full version has hit the net and I have to say I am a tad disappointed. I have no issue with the production of the track or the use of the sped up sample, which sounds quite eerie and reminded me of the vibe from the DJ Shadow track “Six Days.” Good stuff. However, after Kanye’s initial lines he hits a speed bump and phones in his lines while attempting to justify the fact that he is essentially a bitch.

I have not read the book that Kanye West’s mother wrote, but I imagine it focuses on how great he is and what a great job she did in raising him. Perhaps she should hook up with Lindsay Lohan’s mother, as she comes off as another great enabler of immature and irresponsible behavior. What is scary is that Kanye’s lyrics come across as honest and he seems to be the type who has never apologized for anything in his life. I don’t consider the MTV interview  where he condemned  making fun gays an apology because he simply  realized he was a closet ‘mo.  I imagine it is because he never had a man in his life to kick his ass when he got out of line. The more I listen to this song and think about him, the more irritated I get.

I am convinced that Kanye is simply a mo version of 50 Cent and should simply keep his ass behind the boards. 50 has a similar attitude that revolves around him always being right and attempting to destroy anyone who dares challenge his ultimate truth. Kanye does in a sense the same thing but with much tighter clothes and a limp wrist.

I may have enjoyed the message of this track when I was a rebellious teenager, but now I happen to be a grown man. What 20something, or 30something adult who was raised right thinks that having a spoiled, childish attitude is something to look up to? “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” could break as a huge single because I can picture thousands upon thousands of young high schoolers repeating the hook. It is the essence of rebellion.

What any reasonable adult will recognize is that Kanye’s lyrics and persona are the equivalent of a toddler throwing a tantrum and stomping in the grocery store. The shit just looks ridiculous and makes you squirm as you wait for the mom to whip the child’s ass. Unfortunately for Ye his mother most likely only praised him and told him how gifted he was. Hence his feminine tendencies and amazingly inflated sense of self worth.

I look forward to other rappers hopefully using this beat as I think it doesn’t go overkill with the vocal sample and the sound is extremely thick. I would def love someone from the south to tackle this beat. Perhaps Killer Mike, Outkast, or even Sean Price as the track sounds like something that would have fit right in the middle of Jesus Price Superstar.

20/20Proof Podcast Episode 4

May 12, 2007

The fourth episode of the 20/20Proof Podcast focuses on “Industry Rule #4080” and the dangers of the hip-hop game.


GZA- Labels (Remix)
RA The Rugged Man-Every Record Label Sucks Dick
The Pharcyde-Devil Music
De La Soul-Patti Dooke
3rd Bass- The Gas Face
A Tribe Called Quest- Show Business
The B.U.M.S.- Elevate
Sean Price-Brokest Rapper You Know
KRS One- Outta Here



Spiderman 3 Thoughts

May 4, 2007


Well, I just got out of Spiderman 3 and it was the bomb. Got to see that shit one minute after my birthday ended in a not so packed theatre (I guess people have things to do tomorrow) and it was def worthy of the ticket price despite being a bit too lengthy and a bit overboard on the cheese factor at times.

  • Bryce Howard should never go back to being a ginger. She looks unbelievable as a blonde and I wouldn’t doubt that Ron Howard had a DNA test performed to make sure he is actually her father.
  • The NYPD lit the Sandman up like he was Sean Bell and that ish passed right through him. When all of their shots went through him I realized it was only a movie because in real life only 3 or 4 of those 100 shots unloaded would have hit their target.
  •  Was Death Row Records Tupac’s  Venom ?
  • They should have exploited the whole “Peter Parker is mean” thing  just a little more. When Dunst tried to get all whiny and bitch at Peter cause he didn’t know how she felt, he should have simply dismissed her as a snaggletooth hack and kicked her to the curb. The whole snapping the fingers down the street/Travolta shit I really could have done without. I can deal with dark subject matter for 2 1/2 hours, fuck the kids who can’t.
  • Sam Raimi needs to do Evil Dead 4. Bruce Campbell stole his scenes and showed he is ready to return to leading man status, baby.

Ya Livin’ Backwards Phife

May 2, 2007


Phife Dawg still has some stuff in the basement. XXL recently reported that Phife Dawg wants A Tribe Called Quest to reunite and create a new record.  Is this the hip-hop Rocky Balboa? Does Phife go on yearly tours to all the spots that Tribe rocked or recorded back in the day and reminisce about when people cared? Does he scroll the blogs and read the recent top 25 lists of which nearly every one has a place for ATCQ? In Rocky Balboa, Paulie breaks down during their Adrien throwback tour 06 and tells good ol Rock that he is “living backwards.” In essence, that he needs to stop focusing on the past, let it go, and move on with his life. Is this what is left for aging rappers? Dropping half ass efforts or trying to create reunions that only 30 something hip-hop fans will care about yet likely be disappointed with and criticize when it actually drops?

Back when ATCQ broke up, Phife agreed with Q-Tip that they had nothing left to say and had accomplished their mission.  Suddenly, like Game’s woman, he has a change of heart and wants to get the group back together to create an album that will re-establish their legacy. Unfortunately, Phife has not listened to Beats, Rhymes & Life or The Love Movement because if he had, he would have realized that ATCQ fell off something fierce after Midnight Marauders. While groups such as Outkast have been able to pump out album after album and constantly evolve, A Tribe Called Quest simply had nothing left worth saying and quite possibly had lost their “eye of the tiger” after recording their masterpiece after a masterpiece, Midnight Marauders. The tank was empty. Big time.

If this is a financially motivated idea on Phife’s part because he recently hit up Foot Locker and couldn’t afford that throwback jersey that he had his eye on, then more power to him. That isn’t quite as sad, especially since we all know the record would be downloaded like crazy and tank on the charts. However, if he wants to have a trip down memory lane and  further damage ATCQ’s legacy, I think he really needs to sit down and be honest in regards to his rhyme skills and what he has to offer.

20/20Proof Podcast Episode 3

May 2, 2007


For the third episode of 20/20Proof I focused on the lost art of storytellin’. You can also peep the episode at 6PM EST Sunday and Monday @ WGHH Radio.

Common-Stolen Moments Pt. 1-3
Outkast-Da Art Of Storytellin’ (Pt 1 & 2)
MF Grimm-A Mother’s Heart
Royal Flush-Family Problems
Souls Of Mischief-What A Way To Go Out
Ice Cube-My Summer Vacation
Blahzay Blahzay-Good Cop Bad Cop
The Coup- Me & Jesus the Pimp ina ’79 Granada Last Night
Black Sheep-Autobiographical
Murs-Walk Like A Man