My Favorite 25 Hip-Hop Albums


Yo, all I do is make lists. I am OCD like Nic Cage in Matchstick Men. The whole concept of the 20/20Proof Magazine was making top 20 lists. Passion Of The Weiss contacted me and other bloggers about a project he and Joey from Straight Bangin’ were putting together that was about gathering top 25 hip-hop album lists. What I thought was cool was that Jeff emphasized that this was about our individual favorites and that there was no pressure to please the hip-hop Gods by recycling the same albums you see on every list out there.

Here are my 25 favorite hip-hop albums (at the moment)-

1. Organized Konfusion-Sress:The Extinction Agenda
This is an album I have listened to more times than I can count, and which never gets old. Has been criminally slept on and influenced various artists (Nas)without getting the credit it deserves.

2. De La Soul- De La Soul Is Dead
I can’t find anything bad to say about this album. Ever.

3. Ice Cube-Death Certificate
If Cube weren’t from the west coast this album would be given the props it deserves. I will put this up against Ready To Die any day of the week. It had amazing storytelling, dope lyrics, sick gangsta beats and vicious political commentary.Not to mention the greatest dis track of all time.

4. Public Enemy-Fear Of A Black Planet
I used to pump this album a la Radio Rahim but without all the D Energizer batteries. That paper route money wasn’t really enough to pump it like that.

5. Raekwon-Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
I lost my mind when I heard this shit. Immediately picked up the phone and began dialing every number to let people know that Raekwon had managed to create the dopest Wu Tang album.

6. Nas-Illmatic
While I recognized that this album was brilliant, it took me a few years to recognize it as a classic. As I have gotten older, this album has continued to grow on me.

7. The Pharcyde-Bizarre Ryde II The Pharcyde
Contains more fun and energy than any hip-hop album ever created. Made me forget about the bullshit growing up.

8. A Tribe Called Quest-Midnight Marauders
I faked sick and ran up the street to the store, copped the disc and spent all day in bed listening to it. Somedays I consider calling off work just to lay around and listen to it.

9. Wu Tang Clan-Enter The Wu Tang
I don’t think anything needs to be said about this album.

10. De La Soul-Buhloone Mindstate
Recently listened to this album on cassette 2 times back to back while playing poker with friends. Nobody ever asked to hit the fast forward button. Love the jazzy flavor and what Shorty No Mas added to the album.

11. Goodie Mob-Soul Food
Fronted on due to its region of origin. It has the Organized Noize production, lyrics, and no moments that make you wince. Perfect from beginning to end. Everybody talks about how hot or awful Southern hip-hop is, but Goodie Mob and OutKast could stand their ground with two groups from any coast.

12. The Roots-Illadelph Halflife
The Roots grabbed me right off the bat with this effort and it never got dull for me. I can’t even think of a word to describe the vibes on this album.

13. OutKast-Aquemini
I never thought that OutKast could do better than their previous efforts and they continued to step their game up. Aquemini was the plateau.

14. Diamond & Psychotic Neurotics- Stunts,Blunts & Hip-Hop
Classic material.

15. LONS- A Future Without A Past
Ahhh the days when you didn’t have to rap about cocaine and killing people.

16. Artifacts-Between A Rock and A Hard Place
The Artifacts could have said “we are hip-hop” and I would have believed them.

17. Common-Resurrection
Common came into his prime like an athlete in a contract year.

18. Mobb Deep-The Infamous
This album was the ish back in the day but perhaps I have dropped it due to a subconscious reaction to all the grief that P has taken from various writers and rappers.

19. Camp Lo-Uptown Saturday Night
Fun, fun, and more fun.

20. Pete Rock & CL Smooth-The Main Ingredient
Once the weather starts to get warm this album has to be on constant rotation. I should start praying for a reunion.

21. Brand Nubian-In God We Trust
Punks jump up to get beat down.

22. Redman-Dare Iz A Darkside
Wore this shit to death walking to high school in the winter.

23. KRS One-Return of The Boom Bap
Premier+KRS One=DOPE.

24. Sean Price-Monkey Barz
Brought back my faith in hip-hop.

25. Poor Righteous Teachers-Black Business
PRT never stopped bringing that killer ish when they were recording. They didn’t stop bringing it until, well, they stopped recording.


17 Responses to “My Favorite 25 Hip-Hop Albums”

  1. Selecta Says:

    it’s all about the first PRT Lp, Pure Poverty. Tony D (on production) at his finest and Wise’s quick witted rhymes.

  2. 2020proof Says:

    i love all prt’s material, but black business just does something extra for me.

  3. Brian Seanor Says:

    Pure Poverty isn’t the first one. Holy Intellect is the first one.

  4. CommishCH Says:

    Big ups on the list. I have quite a few that you have. Big ups on including LONS. Upon first listen, that CD might seem a bit corny, but after a few spins, it is almost refreshing to hear their topics and rhyme play.

  5. Selecta Says:

    you got me swaynor. I allways skip past holy for some reason. Totally forgot that “rock dis funky joint” was on there. I need to pull that back out, hasn’t been part of my hip-hop 101 set for quite some time.

  6. Brian Seanor Says:

    pure poverty is better though – i’d rather hear Shakiyla than Funky Joint anyway.

  7. AC Says:

    great list. i’m on board with the artifacts comment.

  8. floodwatch Says:

    Nice 25. It’s great to see LONS, Dare Iz a Darkside, and PRT somewhere on here.

    I always thought Pure Poverty and Holy Intellect were pretty interchangeable as far as quality was concerned – they’re both equally dope.


    Are you kidding me, there’s no way any album is better then Midnight Mauraders… Nice attempt though.. lol

    Please tell me how Paid in Full isn’t on this list? I do love the Diamond D album though, I used to listen to that all the time.. Overall I’m a big critic, but I like your list.. But Midnight Mauraders has to be in top 3 at least!


  10. 2020proof Says:

    x facta, i could see midnight marauders in my top 5, but prob not my top 3. at least not at the moment. whenever i did lists for my magazine, i never really put them in specific order. stress will always be my favorite hip-hop albums. while a classic, paid in full is not on this list because it is my top 25 favorite hip-hop albums at the moment.

  11. Billy Sunday Says:

    Gotta give you props on the list even though I’m wearing a late pass. Fear Of A Black Planet was by far the greatest P.E. album and OB4CL is the joint that I take on the spaceship with me when its time to blow this taco stand of a terrestrial outpost. Shouts to DeLa as well.

  12. Passion of the Weiss » Blog Archive » Coachella Or Bust (or Bake in 97 Degree Heat) Says:

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  13. mendo Says:

    not bad, especially with the death certificate which i think is the best rap album ever. my sentiments exactly with illmatic and no “the infamous” is the reason why every rapper feels he has to do something about prodigy coz he got there first dont know about camp lo though

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  16. Frankdakrank Says:

    Redman Roller Coaster Malpractice one my fave´s of Him! 🙂 the rest of the List formly correct Thumps up 😀

  17. Ignacio Says:

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