20/20Proof Podcast Episode 1


20/20Proof Podcast Episode 1- I make my first splash into the world of podcasting and don’t make too many mistakes. Ok, I make a bunch of mistakes. Peep it at WGHH radio soon. 20/20Proof discusses 2007 material, a recent Lupe Fiasco concert, Cam’ron’s upcoming appearance on 60 minutes and more.

Chubb Rock-I Will Survive
Sean Price-Stop
Rob-O-Magnificent Remix
Aceyalone-Makebalillia (Live)
KRS One- Hip-Hop Lives
Legion- Legion Groove
Boss Hog Barbarians-Hog Luv
Cam’ron-Weekend Girl
Kool G Rap-What’s More Realer Than That
3 Steps From Nowhere-Pass It On Remix




3 Responses to “20/20Proof Podcast Episode 1”

  1. rafi Says:

    for some reason mp3 is playing on chipmunk speed for me

  2. 2020proof Says:

    hmmm ok it was doing that for me too on the feed lemme check it out
    did you try and dl it?

  3. 2020proof Says:

    all good now.

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