Jedi Mind Tricks & Sean Price Show Review


Last night I ventured out with my girl to check out Sean Price who was opening for Jedi Mind Tricks. I dug Jedi’s last album and all, but I doubt I would have dropped the cash to check them out had Sean P not been performing. It did not take long for me to realize I no longer have the patience or the energy to go to hip-hop shows. The doors opened at 7PM with two hours of DJing before the first act.

Local cats Supa C and Selecta handled the DJin while Jack Wilson rhymed and some wack cat (Oragami?) attempted to freestyle but just kept repeating that “cats don’t understand.” He followed this up by continuing to call people out in the crowd thinking it was going to get them excited. Hmmm… not so much. What immediately became evident to us after a few minutes was that Jedi Mind Trick’s fanbase is approximately 99% white kids who don’t listen to hip-hop and prefer alternative rock ish. Their Limp Bizkit posters were most likely replaced by Jedi Mind Tricks. This is fine, however it made for a very weird experience… and laughter.

When Grayskul came out I was already a tad moody from the wack hypeman, mics that sounded like the would split your skull if they were turned up a notch, and the smoke. They quickly realized that Pittsburgh is a sports town as they were greeted with a “Fuck the Seahawks” from the back. Shit got hot. While watching Grayskul it was obvious that they had a lot of energy and enjoyed what they were doing, but they rhymed to damn fast for me to be interested in them live. Any rapper who utilizes a speedy flow or delivery usually comes out sounding like pure doo doo live. While I enjoyed some of the beats, the shit just did not really move me. One of their crew passed me a disc, which I shall review in the near future.

Next up was Sean Price. Well, almost. Supa C continued to play ish like De La and Common while the group of emo kids stared at him like he was an alien from outerspace. To add to the enjoyment Supa C began to get cursed out by the group of rowdy white boys behind us, who continued to shout out quite hilarious phrases like “fuck you, cocksucker.”

Apparently my recent deeds have caused God to become angry with me because just as I thought Sean P was coming out some annoying white girl emerged instead and kicked an annoying verse that made me search my pockets for a battery. Chick sounded like a cartoon character from hell. I asked around for a machete to hit her in the back of the leg with to no avail.

Sean P came out and did not get the crowd movin’. Well, I was entertained and excited but numerous people were still walking around and talking or looking confused. With the majority of the audience being under 21, most were likely doing addition and subtraction when Sean was known as Ruck. Within a few minutes I noticed that Sean P sounded really hoarse. He continued to deliver his verses and got into the show despite the timid response from the crowd.

After less than 20 minutes he left the stage and I thought his set was done. Seems that Sean just copped some vitamin water cause he was back out sounding better and ready to rock. One thing was obvious when P came back out- “Hearing Aid” should be the next single. As soon as the beat dropped, the crowd switched from being held back to losing their damn minds. Sean had the DJ rewind the tracks throughout the night at various times so he could kick several acapella verses. Overall, his performance was worth the cash, but my girl said his show in NC was a tad better.

Last up was Jedi Mind Tricks. Unfortunately, we had to wait yet another 45 minutes before they came out. 45 fucking minutes! The only set up involved is switching DJ’s and walking up to the stage. By now we were exhausted and I had a splitting headache while the Insane Clown Posse behind us was ready to rip Supa C limb from limb. In Supa C’s and Selecta’s defense, they both played great sets but were the victim of the age of the audience and the extremely long delays between acts. At almost 11:30, Vinnie Paz and company rolled out on stage. The crowd up front were more forgiving than I regarding the wait and apparently did not have responsibilities like school or a job. Looking at the lot of them, I had a few wild guesses regarding their places of employment.

JMT attempted to converse with the crowd and gain their favor by pointing out that we won the Super Bowl a couple years ago and that we have that kid Crosby who “is ill with the stick.” They then advised that everyone skip work and school the next day. I wanted to advise that they start their show on time. When it came to actual rapping, Jedi Mind Tricks suffered from the same problem as Grayskul- they rhymed so fucking fast that everything ran together into one big trainwreck of words. If you asked any of the 17 year olds in attendance what Vinnie Paz spit after any song, they would have great difficulty telling you.
As it neared closer to midnight and my head continued to pound we made our way out the club as Jedi Mind Tricks continued to drive the young crowd wild. I realized that I am too old for this ish.


7 Responses to “Jedi Mind Tricks & Sean Price Show Review”

  1. Brian Seanor Says:

    haha yeah I kinda figured that would be the case.

    remember I’m three (I think) years older than you.

  2. Vee Says:

    Cool piece.
    Yeah, that sounds like a regular rap show. It is annoying when MC’s with a fast delivery do not realize that their flow rarely works on stage. Southern cats keep it really clean, simple and slow . . . and that’s not a diss. It’s difficult for kids to follow MC Speedy Gonzalez.

    Waiting 45 minutes, some times you will have to stomach that.

  3. 2020proof Says:

    i can stomach waiting for sean price but by the time it got to jedi mind tricks it had been 4 1/2 hours since the door opened and only 2 acts performed. ughhhh. i needed a satellite feed and a couch.

  4. Brian Seanor Says:

    it really does make no sense though why hip-hop seems to have the least maintenance necessary between acts, but yet the longest downtime. I’ve waited 40+ minutes for somebody to come out and rock off of a DAT!!

  5. CommishCH Says:

    JMT and Sean P are coming to my neck of the woods next week, and I’ve been debating whether to peep them. Im a huge Boot Camp honk and Sean P is my top joint from 07 so far, but I guess a “school night” show with a bunch of alledged “down” frat boys, neo-activists who claim to know what JMT raps, and a smattering of stoned hippies, might not be worth it.

  6. 2020proof Says:

    well commish if you are willing to pay to see sean price i would say do it. his show is dope. however, in pittsburgh the majority of people at the show were not hip-hop heads, but rather rock fans who seemed to enjoy jmt. i would have paid the cover had sean p been performing on his own to be honest.

  7. Karl Jones Says:

    Do you mind if I quote a several of your articles or blog posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog: I most certainly will aslo ensure to give you the appropriate anchor text link using your website title: Jedi Mind Tricks & Sean Price Show Review 20/20Proof. Please let me know if this is okay with you. Thank you

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