Someone Hit Nate Benz…Hard!


It is ok, yo. He hates snitches n’ at, so you won’t have anything to worry about. Peeping a link from Nahright, I noticed that there was some news close to Pittsburgh. Hell, not really. This loser lives in Pine. What is the most frequently asked question in the township of Pine?

Who do I call to have someone pick up a dead deer?
If deer is on a state road, you need to call 1-800-FIX ROAD. Other roads, you need to call Game Commission at 724-238-5639.

Mike Seate’s article in the Tribune Review focuses on the exploitative entrepenuer Nate Benz and his T-Shirt company, U Wear. What is Nate doing, you may ask? Well, Nate hates tattle-tales so he decided to create his own version of the “Stop Snitchin’ ” T-Shirt that has been popping up around the nation and has even disrupted Pittsburgh courtrooms in  the past.

It seems that everyone has jumped on the whole “Stop Snitchin’ ” movement as a way to prove that they are keepin’ it real. Even Sullee of White Rapper Show fame used the “I am not a snitch” line as a way to excuse his own cowardice. What happens when you don’t have the strength to look in the mirror and do what is right? Just bitch out and claim that you are not a snitch. Despite my issues with MC Serch and his involvement with the WRS, I totally agree with his response to Sullee during the show.

Snitching is now being used as a term to define any form of cooperation with law enforcement. Benz actually states in the Trib interview that he believes “police forces are disruptive in many communities” and if a friend keys your car “it is a matter of manning up and settling things like real men.” Too bad that “King Of Da Burbz” Nate holds a degree from Robert Morris, grew up in fucking Pine, and has watched Training Day one too many times. Does Nate’s”Stop Snitchin’ ” logic apply to everyone, or just friends? If I were to key the hell out of his car, would he tell the police or would he attempt to man up and settle shit with me? What happens if he encounters a posse of 300 lb headbusters? Would he suddenly rethink his “Stop Snitchin’ ” philosophy?

The problem is that Nate is simply exploiting other communities’ pain and negative experiences for his own financial gain. I doubt that he has ever witnessed anyone shoot a close friend or relative, seen individuals deal drugs, or prostitute themselves outside his door in the township of Pine. Most likely he has never even come into contact with someone who has gone through these experiences. Sammy Gravano is a snitch. He was involved in criminal activities, got busted, and flipped. He copped a deal and told to save his own hide, which is snitching. When an innocent attempts to better their community and get justice, it is hardly snitching. Hell, why don’t you just tell Sean Bell’s boys to “stop snitchin’ “, man up and settle their differences with the police like men. Why are they runnin’ to the government and shit?

If you see Nate Benz wearing a “Stop Snitchin’ ” T-Shirt and want to test his gangsta, please do. Punch him in the head very, very hard and then key his ATV. You have no consequences to fear.


5 Responses to “Someone Hit Nate Benz…Hard!”

  1. Young Ether Says:

    Stop Snitching was last year.

  2. 2020proof Says:

    Well, in Pittsburgh it was more like two years ago but this guy is livin’ on the outskirts. Shit hasn’t reached there yet.

  3. Nate Benz Says:

    To the “gangstas.” Your talk is cheap. Your words are weak. Your posse of headbusters must be too busy butt fucking each to have come actually found me. I bought the trademark to block the law and protect the rights of your “people” as police tried to stop the movement. I’ve lived in the heart of the hood for several years now, trying to help the unemployed and educate people of business and politics. I even started a free little magazine to get the intellects and artists some publicity so they dont starve. If you believe the words of the ignorant and racist Mike Seate, who was the biggest supporter until he found out I was white, then you are no better than he, but we already knew that. As for your girlish attempts at violence, remind your “boyz” that flesh doesn’t stop 9mm bullets, so come stop on by anytime you want.

  4. FBI - Threat Intelligence Says:

    This site needs to be taken down – Nate hope all is well man i got your back

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