Pittsburgh Brawlin’


Well, not really. Joey Porter was released by the Pittsburgh Steelers recently, and although reports have him claiming he will be a Steeler forever, his paychecks have the Miami Dolphins logo on them. This is good for Joey because he is guaranteed a shitload of money that he doesn’t really deserve, but is also bad for Joey because the number of rings on his fingers will remain at one. At least we know he will finish with more than Danny Marino. Thanks to his recent antics in Las Vegas Joey Porter could possibly be seen shoutin’ out on a hip-hop track soon a la Mike Tyson on “2nd Round KO.”

Joey punched Bengal’s tackle Levi Jones in the face and left him dripping blood up in the Las Vegas club. Moral of the story- don’t leave your miniature horse around Joey and don’t talk ish to him at the blackjack table. You will get the bizness. It seems that Cinci Bengals are excellent at smoking weed and bangin’ underage girls, but pretty garbage when it comes to the brawlin’.

Penguins are the best brawlers-


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