Diddy & Snoop Hug In Helsinki


Someone needs to check the Helsinki water because Snoop and Diddy are now bff. In an attempt to show the Israelis and Palestinians you have to start somewhere, Diddy decided to renounce violence at the beginning of his European tour, which he is going on with Snoop.

“We want to entertain, we want to make music, we want to make people feel good,” said Combs, 37. “We ain’t no gangsters. We are men first, we are fathers.”

What Diddy meant is that he wants to make your girl feel good. If you have an issue with this, he will throw the infamous Diddy left hook, shatter your jaw, and walk away cackling as his bodyguards surround your crippled body tellin you how you got “Stouted.” Who actually decided it was a good idea for these two to collab? Snoop can’t even get on an airplane anymore and reached Helsinki by raft.

This dehydration and lack of proper nutrition during his raft trip left poor Snoop hallucinating. When asked what The Notorious B.I.G. would think about the hip-hop equivalent of the Berlin Wall coming down, Snoop actually believed Biggie was still with us-

“He is going to be smiling when he sees me and Puff (Combs) on the stage today,” said the California rapper.

Poor bastard still hasn’t moved past the first stage of grief.

The article waits till the very end to mention that despite ending the beef with each other, Snoop and Diddy have declared war on every man, woman, and child in North America. Snoop has extended this declaration of war to include Europe and New Zealand, but Diddy decided not to get involved as he realized European audiences are the only people in the world left that are interested in watching him perform. Kids Choice Awards don’t count, yo.


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