Foxy Brown Exposed


The Ill Na Na is at it again. Foxy Brown+ a beauty or nail salon=total disaster. She recently hit up a church in Brooklyn so she could tell her tale of police brutality to the people. If you listen to Foxy tell it, she got dragged out of a bathroom and abused by the police because she is a young black woman. Unbelievably, it appears that Foxy was the only young black woman to be pulled out of a restroom half-naked on the day in question.

“I was exposed from the waist down on the toilet,” she said Monday at Brown Memorial Baptist Church in the Clinton Hill neighborhood.

Brown said she was only going to the bathroom, but the store owner refused to let her finish and then dragged her out, still undressed. Store owner Hayssam Ghoneim said he asked Brown to leave the restroom because he was closing up shop. But he said she spat on him, and that a surveillance video shows that the rapper left the restroom door open the entire time.

What is it about these nail and beauty salons that transforms Foxy Brown into Bill Romanowski?

Are these one size fits all?

It seems that Foxy is under the impression that part of being a young black women is spitting on beauty shop workers and using the restroom with the door open. Do they have barns in Brooklyn?


Foxy reminds me of that deaf-mute chick in Babel. You know, the Asian girl who was sexually acting out cause no dudes would hit that ish. Perhaps Foxy was neglected during the time she lost her hearing and is exposing herself in public as a way to deal with her pain. Or she could just be one crazy bitch who can’t control her temper.

I am not a fan of violence, or violence against women for that matter, but I do believe Foxy Brown needs the treatment that Sarah Silverman got in The Way Of The Gun. Perhaps if someone “fuckstarted her head,” which resulted in her losing several teeth and being permanently scarred she would stop running around hawking loogies and spreading whatever form of Hepatitis she may have.


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