Steady Bootleggin’ 07


A kick in the ass from a leg and a boot
Constitute the right to shoot one who steals my loot
Bang bang like it ain’t no thing to the bastard
Who sold my shit before it’s mastered
Now how the fuck did you get a copy?
It’s an inside job or the security is sloppy
But nevertheless I’m doin my best to solve this mess
I find out, I blow a hole in his chest- Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian, “Steady Bootleggin'”

With once mighty hip-hop artists selling fewer and fewer albums, I am waiting for a disgruntled hip-hop artist to do a remake or re-imagining of the classic track “Steady Bootleggin'” from Brand Nubian’s In God We Trust. Bring it up to speed and address the MP3 community. After watching Sean Price do the table flip, it would be nice to see someone run up in some houses and crash some computers. Just skip mine, please. Will hip-hop go the way of the movie industry and attempt to show the everyman who is hurt by downloading? You know the guy who holds the mic, the set designer,etc. Picture a commercial with a weed carrier who is pleading for you to purchase his owner’s new album rather than download because the lifestyle he has grown accustomed to has been negatively affected.

Cats most likely to record Steady Downloadin’

The Roots- Their version would most likely focus on the fact that numerous less talented artists outsell them. Would ignore the fact they should not be on Def Jam.

Lupe Fiasco- Bootleggin’ and downloadin’ has Lupe so shook he wants to record his album in 3 days. Will walk around with the masters handcuffed to his arm like those cats in “Ronin.”

Ras Kass- Will he even drop another album? I can’t take any more wack mixtapes. Word on the street is he is training with Carl Weathers to come back at Game.

Sean Price- Prob a similar stance to Lord Jamar. Already dropped “The Brokest Rapper You Know,” which did a great job of making anyone who downloads his album feel real, real guilty.


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