Prodigy Finds His Heart?


Despite the fact he rhymes about guns he doesn’t own, things he hasn’t done and never will do (stabbing people with their own nose bone); got pw3nd by Keith Murray, and had his chain snatched by Rose from The Golden Girls, his new ish 7th Heaven is fucking ridiculous. It seems as if Prodigy found his lyrical heart in the drawer where he keeps his My Little Pony collection, because he actually delivered some “Ladder 49” fire that makes you remember when he was in the running for KONY and not Dancing With The Stars. The track sounds like some Miami Vice meets John Carpenter shit. Look at it this way- Arnold and Sly never really lived that shit, but you still love their movies, right?


2 Responses to “Prodigy Finds His Heart?”

  1. Vantanna Says:

    Un Pacino? Oh Hell Naw.

  2. Download Prodigy the best songs Says:

    Invaders Must Die…

    The disc debuted at the top of the UK Album Chart on the 1st of March with 97,254 discs sold, giving them their fourth consecutive #1 disc in the UK……

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