VH1 Gets All Political N Shit


“And motherfuckers that say they too black/ Put ’em overseas they be beggin to come back.”- Ice Cube

While enjoying my lazy Sunday afternoon I came across a commercial for VH1’s new show, “Bling’d: Blood, Diamonds, and Hip Hop.” Hip-hop stars (Paul Wall, Raekwon, and Tego Calderon) with diamonds fallin’ out the anus go and see the drama behind their grill or Jesus piece. Didn’t these Jesus-lovin’ rappers watch Indiana Jones 3? Jesus wasn’t about the bling, the Holy Grail was all wooden and plain, yo.

After witnessing the shitty conditions they had only previously seen during Sally Struthers commercials and that one South Park episode, they will hop on the G5 and take their asses back to their comfy mansions to talk about how shit was real. Really real. You know Raekwon will team up with Kanye West to create African Shinez, which will be scheduled for release in 2014. After reading about Tego Calderon refusing to participate in a Sean John campaign due to the sweatshop use, I am interested in watching his reaction during his trip and how he responds to what he witnesses.

Will Paul Wall remove his grill? Will Raekwon stop rockin iced out medallions? Place your bets. I will imagine that this experience will have a big impact on everyone when it is right in front of their face, but will fade shortly after. Shit, Jay-Z and Diddy have already been exploiting Central American workers who make a quarter an hour and killing poor raccoon dogs to line their hoods, who thinks a few African kids with amputated hands will get in between a rapper and his shine? It is all about the profits, b.

VH1 describes it as such on their site:

“Bling’d: Blood, Diamonds, and Hip Hop” is an upcoming film that takes a hard-hitting look at the illegal diamond trade in Sierra Leone, West Africa and how “blinging” in the flashy world of commercial hip-hop played a role in the 11-year civil war, which ended in 2002.

The war was perpetuated largely by of a group of genocidal rebels, supported by Liberia, and primarily funded by the illegal trading of conflict diamonds or “blood” diamonds. The rebels sought to control the country’s diamond mines and then traded the stones for money and arms in order to fund the war. Blood diamonds are a challenge not only in Sierra Leone, but in several West African countries, where miners often earn less than a dollar a day and peace and security remain elusive.

In “Bling’d” three hip-hop celebrities– Paul Wall, Raekwon (of Wu Tang Clan), and reggaetón king Tego Calderon –will visit Sierra Leone. In the capital of Freetown, these hip-hop stars will meet their contemporaries, refugees and former child soldiers living in the country. They will hear first-hand accounts of the atrocities suffered at the hands of the rebels that included rape, torture and amputation. They’ll witness how Sierra Leone citizens are trying to rise from the ruins of conflict and improve their living conditions.

In the U.S., Kanye West, Jadakiss as well as other luminaries will weigh in on how hip-hop can redefine the diamond culture and the consequences of that embrace. Along with their insight, the film will be interspersed with testimonials, factoids and graphic images of those directly affected by the diamond trade. “Bling’d” will capture hip-hop’s reaction to the human violations, bring global awareness to this issue and educate Americans about how they can play a role in eradicating the smuggling of blood diamonds simply by becoming conscious consumers and responsible global citizens by demanding “clean” diamonds.


6 Responses to “VH1 Gets All Political N Shit”

  1. KAT Rico Says:

    I saw this and Raekwon was an asshole! He didn’t get the bigger picture. Saying he couldn’t understand how people could kill their own– has he heard some of his lyrics! Also, getting “in the face” of the white man who ran the diamond mining camp. I am surprised he could make his point with the mass of diamonds around his neck weighing him down! Furthermore, he should be thouroughly embarrassed comparing his “struggles” of growing up poor to the people of Sierra Leone.

  2. 2020proof Says:

    Yeah, I just finished watching this. I had no problem with Raekwon questioning that man as to the bigger picture and where the profits went. His response about their limited capacity was a bunch of bs. I think you can own a certain amount of diamonds and pose questions because Raekwon is not in a position where he can make decisions on a large scale.

  3. DP Says:

    I think Rae was one of those cats that was transformed from the jouney and the info that he was presented.

    Rappers are artists that spend most of their time crafting their art around the experiences they have seen up to that point. Wu Tang has been around the world performing but they never had the experience of seeing these countries outside of the concert venues.

    When Rae jumped bad at the owner of the diamond mine it was his first chance to speak truth to power. Here was someone who seemed to be a doppelganger in Sierra Leone profiteering off their resources.

    The dude did everything in his heart to answer Rae honestly without saying to him, “Listen kaffir rapper, supremacy runs this rap shit on a global scale so don’t have me call my cousins at Interscope and have your new album release date pushed back to Nevuary 32nd!”

  4. Mackenzie Leopold Says:

    I really love South Park because despite the vulgar side of the series, it still raises a moral taboo subjects of society with much derision! ^ ^

  5. Atomic Wall Clocks Says:

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