Is “Bugs Monkey” the new “Gorilla In Manila”?


With Cam telling Kay Slay that he is willing to go 120 rounds, one has to wonder how far the recent Cam and 50 beef will go. Who loves beef more than 50 and Cam? This may be “The Neverending Story Pt 3.” One could draw parallels between Cam’s recent comments concerning 50’s appearance and Muhammad Ali’s racial verbal attacks towards Joe Frazier leading up to theThrilla in Manila.

“It’s gonna be a chilla, and a killa, and a thrilla, when I get the Gorilla in Manila.” -Muhammad Ali

While Muhammad Ali is universally viewed as a hero, his racial taunting of Frazier is perhaps the lone stain on his legacy. Regardless of Ali’s argument that many of his opponents were not true to the game, and did not have the support of the black community, his comments fed into racial stereotypes. Even more disappointing is that Ali had the wit and creativity to verbally attack his opponent without calling him a “gorilla.”

Here we are over twenty years later, and along comes Cam’ron striking back at the man who has beef with every rapper and their mother, 50 Cent. Cam immediately targets Curtis’ appearance, stating he looks like a “gorilla with rabbit teeth.” While Cam presents as having the cockiness and arrogance of Ali, he does not have the talent or resume to boast his trash talking. Killa Season? Are you serious? Take one look at the flashy image Cam presents and you have to believe he is either the biggest narcissist in the world or has some extremely low self esteem. First it was attacking Jay-Z and comparing him to Joe Camel, and now it’s likening 50 Cent to a gorilla in need of orthodontics. How does Hell Rell feel when in Cam’s presence? Think he may be wondering what his fam thinks of his goblin ug mug?

While Cam’s taunts of “Cuuurttisss,” his juvenile laughter, and yelling are extremely entertaining, it makes you worry about dude. Overcompensating a tad? Call me crazy, but I think Cam doth protest too much with the whole “no homo” thing.

All this focus on the physical appearance of other men has brought me to the conclusion that Cam is more homo than John Amaechi.



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