R.I.P. RAP?…Is hip-hop dead? By J-Zone


Starting tomorrow, I will be publishing a daily entry from J-Zone concerning the “hip-hop is dead” debate. Zone will be explaining his five reasons why hip-hop is going down, down, down. Below is the introduction…

R.I.P. RAP?…Is hip-hop dead? by J-Zone

Everybody’s saying it. Nas titled his album that. People are debating and a few brothers asked me for my humble opinion. So as I watch the Celtics lose their 17th straight on Sportscenter, I’ll do a music related blog for once. After all, it affects me right? Five things I feel are the biggest culprits of rap’s downfall. Well actually before I exercise my freedom of speech and somebody gets upset for nothing, let me clarify.

a. I am NOT saying that there aren’t a batch of stellar records released yearly, or a group of dope producers delivering fly shit or a handful of rappers that still make you wanna listen. I also know music is subjective and it’s all opinion. The great music of today may be on par with the great of yesterday, but in the grand scheme of things, the negatives far outweigh the positives.

b. There’s 3 things you can never argue about…religion, politics and hip-hop. Cause no matter your opinion, somebody will tyrannically oppose and get all fuckin emotional. It’s just my humble opinion, relax.

c. For the record, the politics at major labels, press and radio are not listed here because they’ve been around since the beginning of time. And we have ourselves to blame for not manning up to take control of those.. Yo Flex, drop a bomb on that. OK, where was I?

To be continued…


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