Random Ish

It took me a few days to regain my hearing after listening to the new M.I.A. track, “Bird Flu.” If the rest of her next shit sounds like this, then sales are going to go down, down, down. I read that she is producing her new album all by her lonesome. Yikes.

Common will be starring in Newsies 2 with Christian Bale. Peep his hat line here. It will only cost you $150 to possibly get harassed and your ass beat.


Anna Nicole Smith is dead. The point of the story is don’t fuck with Rosie O’Donnell. If a man ran to the Bahamas to hide and refused to take a paternity test he would be called a few choice words. This hoe should have gotten 1 minute of press coverage, and it all should have been from FOX News. Get the DNA test and donate the rest to science.

If Pharoahe Monch and Raekwon were making an album produced by Dr. Dre, it would not be released until 2045.

I think Cam has a future in stand-up comedy when his rap career goes down the toilet. His 50 Cent diss is funny, but mediocre.


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