Suburban Kids Love Me More!


Get ready for the G-Unit Vs Dipset beef. On the Angie Martinez show, 50 ended up on the phone with Cam’ron, who repeatedly taunted the G-Unit chief after he realized he was not actually in the room with him. I saw 50 take down Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje in Get Rich or Die Tryin’, and firmly believe that he would bodyslam Cam, watch him shit his drawers, and then sing “IBS” like he did with Nas’ “Can’t Forget About You.” Cam took offense to 50 accurately pointing out that Koch was a graveyard and began referring to him by his government name.

Cam wanted to know how much Lloyd Banks and Mobb sold, which was obviously irritating 50. Call me crazy, but these guys may need to take some classes on self esteem. Jim Jones sells as much as Banks, but apparently Banks has mo money according to 50. I don’t know if this is fact, it could be that 50 is just basing it on Jim Jones’ style of dress and lack of personal hygiene. Cam never really got a straight answer out of 50 on Ballerina P’s sales. He just kept yelling “Curtis” over and over again in a condescending tone. Watch the end of the video and see Cam bust out in laughter.

I find the whole “I sold more than you” argument hilarious because everyone knows that if you are selling in the area of 50, the majority of people buying your album are white suburban kids. Hell, if you are Talib Kweli selling 500,000 the majority of your fans are most likely white. Why brag about the fact that a 13 suburban boy named Joey had his mom give him ten dollars to pick your album up at Best Buy? Does a great first week Soundscan prove anything besides the fact that you appeal to a larger amount of white people? Should how many bootleg copies of your album sold on the streets be a better stat to cite when attempting to prove your worth? Styles P believes so, as he told 50 he acts “too rich,” and that he doesn’t need the six cars in his lot. 50 loves material things and informed Styles that he needs them to make him feel good about himself. Funnnnnyyyy.

Cam’s explanation of why he was upset at Koch records had to be the most absurd thing I have ever heard. He had an issue with a seven million dollar deal presented to him because the company that Koch was sold to, Row Entertainment, made $600 million. Cam never got to Algebra 3, but did recognize that he was getting offered around 1% of their total earnings. Problem is, Cam’ron has had little to do with this Canadian company’s success. How many records has Killa Season sold? 300,000? I can’t picture how Cam’ron is generating seven million dollars worth of revenue for this company. Does Cam really believe the reason Row Entertainment made $600 million is because of him? Has he actually listened to Killa Season and watched the movie? Unless the deal was for multiple albums or various members of his crew, then Cam’ron has no reason bitching.


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  1. ms. ladybitch Says:



    Funny, funny man. Gotta love Cam.

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