Runnin’ Down Crackers


In honor of Lord Jamar and Sadat X’s upcoming appearance on The White Rapper Show tonight, I have been bumpin’
the classic “A Day In The Life” from Diamond D’s Stunts, Blunts, & Hip Hop. Sadat’s flow is sicker than Andrew Beckett on this joint.

Diamond D & Brand Nubian- A Day In The Life

Lord Jamar

Aw yeah, back to basics, kicking shit in Asics, it’s like this

It’s just a day in the life (of three black men)
Day one…

I wake up to the sun in the morning after justice hour
Refinement is in order so I bust this shower
Get dressed, but first my mind gets blessed
Not words, but best cess compressed in a philly
Silly of me, to think that I
Could ever have a morning where the phone didn’t ring, I am sir
A sweet young thing, once a romancer
I didn’t really fancy her, so build equality
I get a beep downstairs from Y.Z.O.
Knowledge in his head, beats pump the red Geo
Tracker, and in it, we get much blacker
Ride around town running down crackers
Last Sunday of the month so to Harlem we went
Not clubbing, the parliaments of Harriet Tubman
Peace to the Gods, peace to the earths
Peace to the seeds, peace to the birth
Of the nation of the 5%
That’s it, I tell the gent brothers to represent
We left the rally now we’re maxing uptown
8th Ave, 25th, 45th, and the Polo Grounds
And when it’s time to refuel
Lord Jamar jump in the car, say “Back to the Rule”
It’s like that y’all, you know it’s as sharp as a knife
It’s just a day in the life, it’s just a day in the life


What could possibly occur on episode 3?

a. John Brown attempts to explain Ghetto Revival to Lord Jamar, who walks off the set in shock.

b. John Brown attempts to explain Ghetto Revival to Lord Jamar, who walks off the set and returns in a Geo Tracker to murder the King Of The Burbs.

c. John Brown doesn’t realize who is standing before him, even when Jamar and Sadat play “Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down” for their new white friends. As his peers attempt to let John Brown know the deal, he simply nods and shouts “ghetto revival”. The ensuing beatdown resulting in the King Of The Burbs shitting himself, a la police brutality victim/Nelly’s boy, Ali.

d. John Brown recites “Allah U Akbar” line for line and asks Lord Jamar if he is a fan of Young Black Teenagers.


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