Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of 2006

Below are my personal choices for the top 10 hip hop albums of the year. It will take till the end of 2007 to decide how I really feel about this list. Some albums age like a fine wine while others end up aging like a crystal meth addict, Spun style. There are a few albums that I left off which are deserving of honorable mentions- Sadat X, CL Smooth, and Camp Lo’s mixtape banger Fort Apache. Nas and Jay Z did little for me this year and you will not find them on my list. Full length reviews of my first two choices will follow this entry shortly.

10. Boot Camp Clik-The Last Stand


9. Clipse-Hell Hath No Fury


8. The Roots- Game Theory


7. Jedi Mind Tricks-Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell


6. Mr. Lif-Mo Mega


5. Murs & 9th Wonder-Murray’s Revenge


4. Prince Po- Prettyblack


3. Ghostface Killah-Fishscale


2. AZ-The Format


1. MF Grimm-American Hunger



3 Responses to “Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of 2006”

  1. Prince Lotor Says:

    i just heard of the review!

    the #1 album was an incredible release!

  2. 2020proof Says:

    there should be an interview with grimm up in the very near future.

  3. AJ Foster Says:

    yes! AZ the format I forgot about that one. hope your right about the mf grimm.

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