Sean Price-Jesus Price Superstar Album Review

jesuspricesupa.jpgMonkey Barz, Sean Price’s solo debut, shook the trees till all the wack MC’s fell out and landed flat on their asses. Sean P picks up where he left off and returns to body those who escaped with his sophomore effort , Jesus Price Superstar. Jesus and Sean P are all about spreading the good word to the people, but I do believe that is where the similarities end between the Brownsville rapper and the star of Mel Gibson’s torture epic. The production on JPS is locked down as the lineup of Khrysis, 9th Wonder, PF Cuttin, and more work their magic. P is talented enough to rip hard, rugged lyrics over a smooth beat like “Violent,” and not sound one bit conflicted. The witty, clever lines that made Monkey Barz such an entertaining listen are found once again on Jesus Price Superstar. Rock returns to reunite with Ruck on “Church,” “P Body” and “King Kong” to give the fans who are still waiting for a Heltah Skeltah full length a taste of what they have been missing. Another highlight of the album is “Mess You Made,” which has an accessible flavor, R&B hook and no guilt attached. While “Mess You Made” is not a “Brokest Rapper Pt. 2” it does deal with the money troubles that can confront an independent rapper. Although the album drips of braggadocio, it also displays a level of humility and realism that is often absent from most cats’ rhymes. While I felt lukewarm about “Da God” and “Oops Upside Your Head” I never had an overwhelming urge to hit the skip button. Plain and simple, Jesus Price Superstar is classic material stuck in 2007. Is there room in the 2007 business model for an album like this? Dope rhymes and dope beats. Ten years ago, this album would have gone gold easily, which would have been an accomplishment for an independent release. Unfortunately, the days of a dope album getting worthy sales are out the window. Queue the “T.R.O.Y.” horns, please. All those who keep yappin’ about hip hop being dead need to break the seal on Jesus Price Superstar and listen.


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