Sean Price Interview



In the 90’s, Sean Price was better known to many hip hop heads as Ruck, 50 percent of Duck Down group Heltah Skeltah. While most people’s attention fixated on his partner in rhyme, Rock, Sean P held his own. Sean P used the lack of focus on his skills to his advantage when he reemerged with the hip hop classic, Monkey Barz. While Monkey Barz had longtime hip hop fans salivating over the return to the classic proven formula of dope beats and dope rhymes, Sean Price was already reloading in the studio with his new effort, Jesus Price Superstar.

While speaking with Sean P near the end of the Boot Camp Clique tour, he expressed being pleased with how his year was going and the diversity of his current fan base. “It’s a mix. You definitely got your Fab 5, Enta Da Stage fans there and you got the new audience, the Sean P fans,” he explained.

Despite putting in over a decade in the game, many new fans don’t recognize that Sean Price is not a rookie. While many fans approach him reminiscing about the old days and being raised on Heltah Skeltah there are still those who don’t know the truth. “Some people don’t know Sean Price and Ruck are the same person. They think I’m a brand new artist on the label.” When I asked him how he reacts to this mistake and how the fans feel when he corrects them, Sean said “I don’t tell them, I just let it rock. Whatever works for them.”

When quizzed about the meaning behind the new album’s title, Jesus Price Superstar, I learned that Sean is “not a religious buff” and the explanation was quite simple. “I chose the title because you read the story of Jesus and he went through the slums, he spread the good word and that’s basically what I’m doing. I’m going through the hood, through the internet, through the radio and spreading good hip hop,” Sean said. “I got a treat for these tricks, word.”

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” Sean replied when questioned about how Jesus Price Superstar will differ from his debut. He continued, “I’m just going in bodyin’ shit. It’s like Monkey Barz was just a good hip hop album and besides ‘I Love You’ and ‘Brokest Rapper’ there wasn’t really no concepts on it. I’m definitely not the ‘Brokest Rapper Pt. 2.’ This has been a very good year for me and I always said I don’t want to make a part two.”

Jesus Price Superstar will boast production by 9th Wonder and Khrysis as well as work from a number of lesser known producers. Sean Price decided to begin the journey of Jesus Price Superstar in the best way possible- with the producers who brought the heat to Monkey Barz. “I did almost all of Monkey Barz and at the end I went down and hooked up with 9th and Khrysis. The shit I did with them turned out to be singles so this time when I started I went there and got the bump from them then came back to New York for the rest.”

With the brokest rapper rhymes hopefully a thing of the past, the sky is the limit for Sean Price. Having evolved from Ruck, the underappreciated half of Heltah Skeltah to one of the dopest rhymers in the game, Sean Price has proved all the doubters wrong. If given the proper exposure who is to say Sean P couldn’t occupy the vacant “King Of New York” throne? “The album is real hip hop. It ain’t rocket science, its good beats and bangin’ ass rhymes,” he stated bluntly. Can it be all so simple?


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